Everybody trusts experts.

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They're real people. Not paid “influencers.”

They’re out there living big lives, pursuing knowledge and passions — and helping everyone around them choose the best products for their needs. All because they can’t stop talking about what they love. Turns out, this can translate into major street cred and sales for smart brands.

Consumers know how to find these experts. Do you?

You do now. With Experticity, you can:

Connect with trusted experts.

People who’ve been vetted based on their experience, passion and expertise. People whose opinions truly matter to consumers and your brand. People likely already using, recommending and even selling your products every day.

Meet the Experts

Gain insights, advocates — and sales.

Find out how your brand is perceived by the best in your industry. Make sure they know your products so they can speak from experience. And watch as more experts in your corner leads to more consumers favoring your brand.

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Curate more authentic stories.

Your most powerful fans may already be talking up your brand online. Find out how, give them meaningful reasons to do it even more, and integrate these experts’ stories into yours.

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What do the experts get out of it?
More of what they love:

  • A way to get closer to brands they admire and trust
  • Opportunities to share feedback
  • Exclusive access to knowledge and products
  • Recognition and visibility for just being who they are
  • Interaction with a community of like-minded experts

Connect with Our Community

We're talking:


active experts


more product recommendations each week than the average person


more likely to recommend your brand after engaging with it on Experticity


more credible than the average person, just because of who they are

Our clients are talking, too.

A few highlights from the hundreds of brands working with Experticity:

Reebok spread its story to an active audience.

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Skullcandy recruited experts to test new products.

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Stance became ROI positive in a matter of months.

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JustFab sourced unique and authentic branded content.

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Purina made pet experts 10x more likely to recommend its products.

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Wüsthof saw sales increase by 3.5x in retail stores.

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Quest Nutrition built an influential base of brand ambassadors.

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2XU found influential experts engaging across social media.

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More insights on the power of influential experts.