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As social media becomes central to brands’ interactions with their fans, connecting with your influencers on Instagram is an increasingly critical component of engagement. The photo-sharing social network has grown too pervasive for brands to ignore: 43% of smartphone users 18-29 post to Instagram, and the total buying power of that age demographic is greater than $200 billion.

The key to successful influencer marketing is the quality and performance of your influencers. But how can you gauge who the best influencers are for your brand? The following ten measurements will help you assess which high-quality digital influencers you should be engaging:

  1. Follower count How many users follow the influencer on Instagram?
  2. Engaged followers How many followers have engaged with the influencer’s Instagram account in the reporting period?
  3. Hashtag mentions How many times in the reporting period has the influencer received hashtag mentions from other Instagram users?
  4. Follower interactions What is the total engagement on the influencer’s posts, including mentions? Follower interactions = hashtag mentions + likes on posts + comments on posts + likes on hashtag mentions + comments on hashtag mentions
  5. Potential reach How many users is the influencer potentially reaching with posts and engagement? Potential reach = (posts x followers) + sum of followers of users who hashtag mentioned influencer
  6. Number of likes on influencer photos and videos How many times have users liked the influencer’s posts?
  7. Number of comments on influencer photos and videos How many times have users commented on the influencer’s posts?
  8. Influencer mentions of brand’s Instagram handle How frequently has the influencer mentioned the brand’s handle? This is an indicator of brand awareness.
  9. Number of likes on brand mentions How many likes do the influencer’s mentions of the brand receive?
  10. Number of comments on brand mentions How many users comment on the influencer’s brand mentions?

Considering these measurements will allow you to get a thorough assessment of the degree of influence of the Instagram influencers you work with.

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Written By

Lauren Gould, Product Marketing Manager with ReadyPulse.