3 Ways to Build Consumer Loyalty

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Marketing is emerging from a standalone strategy to streamlined messaging across multiple platforms. Content marketers not only have the big job of constantly generating new and exciting content, but they’re also tasked with figuring out ways to encourage consumer loyalty. Brands are using new tools and opportunities to connect with their audiences and build deeper, more meaningful relationships.

Consumer loyalty is extremely important for marketers and brands because it equates to fans having positive emotional experiences and recognizing a perceived value. Loyalty contributes to customer retention and satisfaction, which are critical for growing a business. Here are three key ways for your brand to encourage customer loyalty and the trends that’ll be emerging this year.

1. Interactive Content through Technology


The advancements in technology have created high expectations from audiences. The digital world is setting the bar high for brands and marketers to deliver responsive and interactive content and visuals. To make matters more complicated, all designs and creative must be easily adaptable for mobile viewing too. Technology that plays to consumer’s preferences and habits places your brand in a more favorable light with consumers and to rank higher in likeability.

2. Track Behaviors & Metrics

There’s so much noise and messaging out there that it’s more important than ever to understand what your audience cares about by getting a bird’s eye view of their behaviors. Marketers are doing whatever it takes to gather and analyze media consumption metrics, which helps them make decisions based off of data and information. This process helps with targeting content appropriately and making sure you’re investing time in the right campaigns.


Brands are also turning to influencer marketing to create more authentic, loyal relationships with their fans. The quality of networks, content and measurable experiences that influencers deliver is helping marketers inspire consumer behaviors and magnify their message.

3. Multichannel Loyalty Programs

Today’s consumers are demanding more from brands than simple points-for-purchase promotions. While these programs can trigger loyalty, they’re focused on the single transactional channel. Multichannel loyalty and engagement solutions are changing the entire loyalty landscape. Now brands are being forced to demonstrating the value of their loyalty programs and encourage consumers to engage and stay connected.


Marketers need to communicate the value of their loyalty programs and interact with consumers on mobile, social, in-store, and digital channels to be heard and consistent. Doing so helps brands acquire and retain customers, heighten customer experiences and immerse consumers in branding. The multi-channel loyalty solutions drive engagement, build deeper relationships and reward behaviors.


Information overload and the use of social media has made consumer loyalty more important than ever. Brands should engage with and get to know their audiences and build genuine relationships that make them feel valued. Implementing these techniques will put you on the right path to building consumer loyalty.

Written By

Katie Carlson, Contributing Author with Experticity.