5 Influencer Marketing Tips Inspired by Olympians

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Influencer marketing offers an excellent way for brands to connect with their target audience without overtly selling. The title of “social influencer” isn’t reserved just for celebrities anymore, but also includes those who have passionate, devoted audiences. This invasion of a new kind of influencer is perfect timing for NBC, given their plan to prepare a new social media frenzy surrounding this year’s games.

This is why influencers are marketing gold for the TV network. Speaking of gold, the Rio games are the perfect opportunity for brands to reach Millennials and Gen-Zers—who watched the games in record numbers in 2012. There’s a lot to be learned from these talented athletes, and I’m not just talking about in regards to sports and athletic skill. Learning to apply their training and competition rituals to your marketing strategy can help take your influencer marketing to the next level.

1. Set Lofty Goals

Athletes are constantly working on their skills to improve and beat records. They’re not at the games because they settled for mediocracy, right? They’re competing because they push themselves to go above-and-beyond. Olympians don’t limit themselves mentally or physically and always strive for better results. Marketers need to do the same with their influencer marketing goals. Aim high, and then shoot even higher.

2. Bring Intense Focus

Professional athletes are winners because they keep their eye on the prize. They train physically but, most importantly, they train mentally as well. They remain strong even when things don’t go as planned. This is how you should approach your influencer marketing strategy. Define your influencer campaigns’ goals and objectives before you dive in.

3. Practice Makes Perfect

Training is the key ingredient to any athlete’s performance on game day. These pros put in grueling hours, overcome injuries and dedicate their lives to perfecting their talent. The same should hold true for your influencer marketing strategy and brand management. You must be aware of what’s worked in the past and what hasn’t. You should be willing to remain flexible, yet confident enough to know which marketing opportunities and outlets demand your attention. Monitor your content and how your audience is responding, then adjust accordingly.

4. Have a Team in Place

Athletes don’t reach their goals alone, and neither should you. These high-performers have teams in place to help with their nutrition, training, mental game and brand management. Do the same for your marketing department. Put a strong team in place that’s going to deliver results while pushing the company to achieve its business goals. Breaking records is simply too much to go at it alone, and that’s why these athletes, brands and marketing professionals all need the right team in place.

5. Measure Your Results

We all know the whole point of the games is to see who ranks, wins and breaks records. The same goes for your marketing strategy. Measuring your results will help gauge progress and keep you on track for attaining your goals. In order to earn gold, you’ve got to know what you’ve done and prepare where you’re going.


Olympians are some of the toughest competitors out there. Following their diligence and dedication can help even the best marketers achieve even greater wins. This summer, the games serve as a reminder and opportunity for brands to take these lessons and bring them to life on the world’s biggest stage—social media. If there’s one message we should all agree upon, it’s that in order to be successful you must never give up. No one ever stood on the podium using a set-it-and-forget-it program, it takes  strategy, focus and practice to win at influencer marketing.

Written By

Katie Carlson, Contributing Author with Experticity.