5 Quick Wins to Kickstart Your Influencer Marketing [Webinar]

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You have a million items on your checklist when starting your influencer marketing program, but what should you tackle first? Well, we have a webinar for that.

Influencer marketing is the perfect avenue for increasing brand awareness, launching new products and driving sales. However, it can be tricky to organize your influencers, create campaigns that inspire and know which KPIs to track. Even more complicated is knowing where to start. How do you begin recruiting influencers? How many social influencers is a “good” number? When is a good time to launch your first campaign? What metrics should you measure to tell if your influencer marketing campaign is successful? So many questions! And each one is important to the success of your influencer marketing program.

One of our resident influencer marketing experts, Sam Bowers, shared his top five methods for helping top brands kickstart their influencer marketing programs and using the ReadyPulse platform. Watch this webinar to learn how you can kickstart your influencer marketing program.

The “5 Quick Wins to Kickstart Your Influencer Marketing” webinar is not only be informative, but also motivational. You know starting an influencer marketing program was the right choice. Now you just need get going! Plug-in to watch, and then unplug with tangible next steps to be able to take your social influencer program to the next level.

Are you ready to jumpstart your influencer marketing program? Watch the webinar to discover:

  • Search tactics to find your brand’s ideal social influencer
  • Methods for recruiting influencers who love your brand
  • Incentives that are sure to make your social influencers engage
  • Top influencer marketing campaigns that inspire
  • KPIs you should keep track of for campaign success
  • And more on how to make your influencer marketing program rock!

Champion a budding influencer marketing program is no easy task, and it’s important to prove short-term and long-term value quickly. Become a marketing hero and launch your influencer marketing program with confidence.