5 Ways to Activate and Amplify Your Audience During Holidays

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Holidays are a great time for brands and retailers to engage their customers and increase sales. However, not all holidays are created equal in the retail world. Major sales, and social promotions are usually the most prevalent during only a few of the most popular, and gift-centric holidays.

But some of the less celebrated holidays can be an even more beneficial time for you to engage your audience in a creative way that will influence them to buy!

Take for example today, Earth Day. Earth Day is relevant to everyone, spreads and encourages positive awareness, and reminds everyone to slow down and smell the roses. Take this opportunity, to remind your customers of the beauty around them, and ask them to document the moment forever. Displaying a social photo might be the most impactful thing you do all year!

One 2014 Earth Day campaign I found particularly interesting was #GlobalSelfie. NASA took full advantage of Earth Day by asking the people of the world to print off a Global Selfie sign, snap a selfie with their sign, and upload it to Twitter, Instagram, or Google+ with the hashtag #GlobalSelfie. NASA plans to continue spreading environmental awareness and sustainability by displaying a mosaic image of the Earth using all the #GlobalSelfies posted.

5 Ways to Activate and Amplify Your Audience During Holidays

1. Create a unique hashtag relevant to your brand or products, and ask users to upload photos of how they celebrate the holiday.
2. Collect authorized photos in-store with a selfie photo booth for customers to capture the moment.
3. Challenge your audience to a social scavenger hunt. Create a list of things, places, or people they should find and take selfies with. Then have them upload their pictures to Instagram.
4. Donate money or efforts to a charitable organization for every person that posts on social with your unique hashtag.
5. Activate influencers in your brand ambassador program to take action in the community, and post photos of their story with your unique hashtag.

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Lauren Gould, Product Marketing Manager with ReadyPulse.