7 Ways Brands are Winning with Facebook Live

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Facebook Live is the ability to broadcast to the world’s largest audience using the camera on your phone. It’s a fun and powerful way to connect with your social followers and create new ones as you go. The best part about Live is the ability to interact with viewers in real time.

You can easily address your fan’s burning questions, hear what’s on their mind and check out their reactions to gauge how your broadcast is going. Social influencers are the perfect resource to tap into to promote, attend or support Facebook Live broadcasts. Here are some of the most interesting ways popular brands are using Facebook Live to engage with their fans.

1. Feedback & Ideas

A major benefit to Live is the capability to collect instant feedback and ideas from the audience. For example, The Voice streamed the Top 11 playing The Voice Drawing Board game and requested suggestions from their live audience. One way brands can apply this idea is to get influencers to crowd-source ideas and opinions from the audience about upcoming events or giveaways.

2. Q&A

Your fans love to learn more about your brand. Give them the opportunity to ask questions by hosting a live Q&A through Facebook. Experticity recently did this with Skratch Labs. Skratch Labs allowed its brand lovers and influencers to ask questions about its product and the future of the company. And, best of all, it was completely live! So fans quickly got answers to their curious quandaries.

3. Live Tutorials

The health and beauty industry ought to love this feature since their product is all about trying new products and seeing how the makeup looks on real women in real life. Benefit Cosmetics goes live every week highlighting their ‘Tipsy Tricks,’ which covers makeup best practices over a glass of wine. Using Facebook Live to give advice and tips about your product or industry is an excellent way to engage fans and viewers. And remember, these clips have an afterlife too! Live videos can be promoted once they’re finished and act as any other Facebook video upload.

4. Behind-the-Scenes

What fan doesn’t want to get behind-the-scenes of their favorite brands? Sharing and pre-releasing confidential news or secrets to a Facebook Live audience is always a popular move with fans. Target took to Facebook Live to show some behind-the-scenes footage of Gwen Stefani’s new video before it went live on CBS. While the comments consisted mostly of unrelated bantering about Target, the tactic has potential to be successful.

5. Broadcast Live

If you can’t be there in person, what better way to watch the NFL Draft than live from your computer or phone? EA Sports Madden NFL nailed it when it broadcasted the draft live to their beloved fans. Sporting events and concerts are going to be one of the key industries taking advantage of livestreaming. Think about upcoming, big events for your brand and how you may be able to incorporate Facebook Live to stream to your fans and influencers who can’t be there in person.

6. How To or Demo

Although tasting a refreshing mixed drink is the best thing about cocktails, Facebook Live provides popular alcohol brand Patrón Tequila a fun alternative. Patrón uses Facebook Live to teach tequila fans how to make special cocktails. How awesome is that? They bring the party and information into the homes of their fans, and that’s why it works. Educating, showing and teaching your audience is a great way to get them involved in your brand and products.

7. Product Launch

Social media is a novel option for launching a new product, and Facebook Live makes it very easy to do. Weight Watchers recently rolled out a new product using a livestream. The live product launch was able to create excitement and engagement around the announcement. Products that look good in action or contain a mystery factor are perfect for spotlighting on Live. It’s also an opportunity to point shoppers to your online store and boost sales.


Facebook Live is versatile, engaging and fun for everyone. It allows brands to be more authenticity by putting a face to their company and products. For this reason, it is vital that you involve social influencers in every step of the hosting a Facebook Live video.

Written By

Katie Carlson, Contributing Author with Experticity.