A Tale of Two Facebook Pages – Macy’s & Nordstrom

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The well-known novel – “A Tale of Two Cities” by Charles Dickens inspired our theme to create this infographic comparing Macy’s and Nordstrom’s Facebook pages. As brands compete for every Facebook user to captivate them with their content, offers, promotions, contests, quizzes, several questions arise – are the overall brand strategies working? Are they winning? What specifically is performing the best?  The worst? Who are the community members? Who are the most engaged? Who are the advocates of the brand? What content do the advocates react to?

These are just some of the questions that can be answered by looking at the data on Facebook page activities. As a marketing executive keenly interested in taking advantage of the social media trends and fans appetite to connect with brands, you need a framework to think about the success in social media as well as ability to compare and benchmark against a competitor. This infographic is an attempt to help you provide the framework.  Just to set the context with respect to the financial position of the two companies in the real world, Macy’s had $26.4 billion sales in 2011 and 800 stores nationwide. Nordstrom has 231 stores in US with over $10B sales in 2011.


To tell the tale of Macy’s vs. Nordstrom, we used ReadyPulse to collect and analyze the data. The infographic shows the data for the month of April 2012 and we intend to update it in June for the month of May and help you understand the difference.

Let us look at some salient points from the infographic:he infographic shows the data for the month of April 2012 and we intend to update it in June for the month of May and help you understand the difference.

  • Though Nordstrom is well known to offer great customer experience in its retail stores, Macy’s is doing a much better job than Nordstrom on Facebook.  We found that Macy’s has overall audience and content score than Nordstrom.
  • Macy’s has an upper hand on both quantity and quality over Nordstrom with regards to their respective Facebook page communities.
  • Macy’s is a lot more active (almost twice) in sharing content than Nordstrom.
  • Nordstrom fans are more conversational than Macy’s. Nordstrom has more conversations, fans initiate a higher percentage of conversations than those of Macy’s, and Nordstrom participates in a higher percentage of conversations than Macys. However, Macy’s fans are talking among each other much more than the fans of Nordstrom.
And the moral of the story is…

Macy’s is able to translate its financial position and market reach (800 stores Macy’s stores vs. Nordstrom’s 231 stores) into a powerful social community on Facebook. Nordstrom being a speciality fashion retailer, it has very strong community as well as on Facebook page, though not as big as Macy’s Facebook page.

Written By

Lauren Gould, Product Marketing Manager with ReadyPulse.