Announcing Hashtag Support for Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook

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Hashtags are loved by both – users and brands. Today, we are excited to announce the support for hashtags on multiple networks – Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.  Hashtags have always played a critical role in content discovery and sharing for social media users and extending reach for social media marketers. Besides the fact that they are supported by all major social networks, what makes them important is for digital and social media marketers, they have become invaluable tool for every marketing campaign to target the right audience that is genuinely interested in their brand. Today’s social media marketers are using hashtags not only for pushing brand content, but increasingly using it for generating user content and driving conversations.  However, this valuable marketing asset is currently staying within the social networks and has shortest possible lifespan unless it becomes viral. Many of those photos, videos and text posts can genuinely help brands to further their marketing cause, if they are used where they matter the most, in brand’s digital marketing.

Now with ReadyPulse platform, brands can identify the best hashtagged content and use them in their digital marketing campaigns (web, email, blog, e-Commerce, social networks, mobile, and in-store).

Example ReadyPulse Widget with #gopro across Instagram and Twitter

What can you track with ReadyPulse?

You can add any hashtags from Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. On Facebook, you will be able to retrieve content that is public.

What can you do with the content with hashtags?

ReadyPulse automatically indexes and scores the hashtagged content so that you can pick the best content to create a ReadyPulse widget to show off in your marketing campaigns. You can mix and match hashtagged content from multiple sources (Instagram, twitter and Facebook) – all in one widget. You can pre-select the content for the widgets OR you can set criteria for dynamic curation.

What can you do to make user-generated content to drive online sales?

You can attach Product Ids to the user photos so that your website visitors can click on the Buy button to go to the relevant product page and buy.

How to get started with Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter hashtags within ReadyPulse?

  1. Add your hashtags in Manage Brand section within ReadyPulse for any specific brand.
  2. You will receive an email once your content is ready within ReadyPulse
  3. Go to the User Content tab to checkout the hashtagged content and optionally delete any unwanted content. Also attach Product Ids using “Attach Products” button.
  4. Go to the Widgets tab within ReadyPulse to create a widget and follow instructions to install on your website, blog and e-commerce sites.

Written By

Lauren Gould, Product Marketing Manager with ReadyPulse.