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ReadyPulse hit the ground running at Fashion Digital NY, and we were thrilled that everyone there was buzzing about social user generated commerce. Uri Minkoff, Rebecca Minkoff Founder and CEO, said it best, “there is absolutely a correlation between social and sales.”

Think about it, do you usually shop in-store with a friend or family member? If you are like most of us, then of course you do! Consumers rely on the opinions of people they trust when weighing the factors before making a purchase. So why should shopping online be any different? Over half of all consumers need social proof before making a purchase. So help your customers out. Give them social proof that your product is high-quality, and cool right on your eCommerce site by integrating authentic social stories from your most influential customers. Consumers will spend more time on your site because they don’t have to leave your product page to hunt for social proof, and they are engaged beyond the product catalog, resulting in increased clicks and conversions. If a consumer sees an authentic social photo, from a trendy user, rockin the same jacket they are considering purchasing, they will be more likely to buy the jacket because they can envision themselves in the product looking just as cool. By displaying your cool customers’ photos on your product page you get a similar social experience shopping online as you would shopping in-store. It’s like taking your most stylish friend with you to the mall so they don’t let you buy a horribly ugly jacket.

Social e-commerce is not only helpful for consumers, but brands as well. So, why isn’t everyone doing it? Milton Pappas, The Jones Group President of eCommerce, stated that, “a lot of brands struggle to develop content, but we’re very active in the social channels, so we have a lot of content. How do we marry content and commerce to drive sales and engagement? Start with an inventory of content, determine where it all lives and how to make it accessible.” ReadyPulse allows your top influencers, and the best content about your brand to live in one space where you can easily access and inventory it. Then provides you with the tools necessary to repurpose the content in multiple ways, for multiple channels. So finding relevant photos, videos, reviews, and testimonials from social users no longer has to be a constant struggle!

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Lauren Gould, Product Marketing Manager with ReadyPulse.