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First, I noticed Sage Kotsenburg.

Excited as I was that the fellow Utah native won gold in Sochi last month, I had no idea of his social influence.

240,800 in his Community. A reach of 262,600. 462, 300 (!) in his Engaged Audience. Eight sponsors.

And one of the highest Athlete Scores of all featured athletes on

It wasn’t just about recent athletes to splash into the public forum. There was a mustached Shaun White, peering with concern over his right shoulder, guitar in arm.

The photo was as eye-catching as the rest of was impressive.

Clear distinctions between helpful categories: the “Athlete Info, “Basic Report,” “Sponsors” and “Related Athletes.” Pictures of athletes that is stunning across the board.

Brands and athletes would be foolish not to utilize

Start in the “Sponsors” section, where you can share the sponsors’ profiles on social as either an athlete or brand. Then take the opportunity to get the “full report,” where you can get detailed stats by social network, know which photos and videos are most popular, request sponsor reports for any athlete, and more.

Enjoy all of’s useful features while appreciating its beautiful aesthetics. “Clear” is the word that repeatedly comes to mind while considering athlete’s profile page. Each sponsor’s logo is clear. Links to related athletes are clear. There is a clear window when prompted to sign in or share an athlete or brand’s profile.  A white background makes scores easy to read.

Other useful features: profiles can be viewed by-the-month, with personal pictures for top, trending, and featured athletes from more than a dozen sports.

As a sports fan, I loved to see the social influence of major athletes (and others whose scores are so high that my unfamiliarity with them only reflects that I’m not paying enough attention). Athletes will love for seeing how their talents are making an impact on the public. Sponsors will love for understanding what sort of revenue the athletes generate.

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Rhett Wilkinson is the editor of the Philipsburg Mail in western Montana. The 25-year-old Salt Lake City native loves any opportunity to express his opinions, especially about things he is passionate about

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Lauren Gould, Product Marketing Manager with ReadyPulse.