Creating Customer Rockstars: The Ultimate Marketing Gem

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Be a sponge, find the gems. That was some of the best advice I ever received from a mentor as I entered the start-up technology world. Many sponges and gems later, I truly believe I recently witnessed one of the most profound and effective tools: our rockstar customers selling for us. I was privileged enough last week to have a front row seat to brand advocacy in it’s truest and finest form…

ReadyPulse attended eTail West last week, and invited a number of our best customers to the event. I was absolutely floored when booth traffic started to pick up, and about 1 in every 3 people said they had been referred to our booth by one of our customers who had been perusing the show floor. This happened each day of the conference, with more and more referrals coming to our booth from our customers. By the end of the show, it became apparent that our customers truly had been our best advocates at the show. We hadn’t done any prep with our customers, told them what to say, provided any financial incentive, or told them to bring people to our booth. It was incredibly humbling and wonderful to know our customers believe enough in what we’re doing and have seen results and value significant enough to use their credibility to promote what we do. Our customers had tangible, relevant stories to tell, and were clearly eager to spread the word.
It’s incredibly humbling to be a part of a company and group of people where our customers are our best advocates and are passionate about what we do – enough so that they essentially sold for us at the event without even trying to. Our customers are our rockstars, and one of the best marketing gems I’ve come across thus far in my professional career. Not only was it humbling, but it was inspiring and motivating to see real people passionate about what we do every day here at ReadyPulse.
My sponge-like instincts tell me this is something I should strive for throughout my professional career. If you can make your customers your best marketing tool, you’ve got a good thing going.