Customer Experience Hub, Social Media ROI and other Social Media predictions for 2012

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As part of our Social Media Expert series, we spoke to Melissa Kovacevic, Founder of CommPlan Consulting.  Melissa is a recognized expert in customer service and customer experience strategies and social media.  You can reach Melissa via Twitter (@MKCallConsult).

She brought up the following points during our discussion.

State of Social Customer Support

  • Businesses are in early stages in figuring out how to enable better customer experience via Social Media.
  • Businesses need to figure out what platforms to use and how to use them while keeping the desire of their customers to interact with them wherever they are.

Marketing and Customer Support Should Work Together

  • Marketing is like putting gas in the car. It fuels the business, brings leads and enables the business to go forward.
  • Customer support is like the driver in the car. They would have to take the business forward by providing best possible customer experience.
  • At the end of the day, both Marketing and Customer Support will need to work together to feed the data to each other and reflect in both strategies and tactics.

Social Media offers an opportunity to create Customer Experience Hub

  • While the concept of Customer Experience Hub is not new, Social Media offers a unique opportunity to facilitate the creation of the Hub. Since Social Media is bringing different organizations within the business together, the Customer Experience Hub has a greater chance of becoming a reality than what has happened so far.

On 2012 Social Media Trends

  • Defining and measuring return on investment (Social Media ROI) on Social Media will become critical
  • Customer Experience Hubs will become key for enabling better customer experience across the channels
  • Social Media will need to be handled with an integrated vision of serving the customer.
  • There will be a renewed focus on post interaction to understand what type of interactions are happening, why they are happening, how can they be modified to better suit the business needs.

Written By

Lauren Gould, Product Marketing Manager with ReadyPulse.