Meet the Mastermind Behind ReadyPulse’s Industry-Leading Customer Success

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We’re very proud to drive the leading customer retention rate in the Influencer Marketing industry. But have you ever wondered about the faces behind the customer success team at ReadyPulse? You’ve heard their voices, but we decided it’s time you got to know them a little better. This month, we caught up with our fearless customer success leader, Audrey Vandenbroeck.

We chatted about how she chose a career in customer success and the 2016 goals for her team. Keep reading for more on how ReadyPulse is creating a culture of customer success:

TAudreyell us a little about your background

Believe it or not, I started my career in sales and I realized very early on that I was not a natural born “hunter”. I did however love rapport building and understanding the needs and wants of my clients and applying our solution to their needs. But when it was time to transition the client to the account management team, I was no longer able to maintain the close connection. So when an account management position came my way, it was an easy decision and I made the jump. Shortly after, “Customer Success” emerged and the focus of the account management role started to pivot. The belief that people partner with people resonated with me. I wanted to be my clients trusted advisor. The value my clients saw in relationships is what inspired me to hone in on my skill set, fine tune my craft and embrace the culture of Customer Success. I’m approaching more than a decade in account management and customer success and I know I’ve chosen the right career.

Oh, and when I’m not working I love spending time with my husband, two kids and dog. I’m the happiest when it’s baseball season. Go Giants!

What does customer success mean to you? And how is ReadyPulse creating a culture of Customer Success?

Customer Success means lifelong customers who continually recognize greater potential within their business. This starts with an exceptional customer experience and ensuring that we make a great first impression. At ReadyPulse, we are challenging our entire organization, not just customer success, to embrace a customer-first mindset. This means attention to details, building long-lasting relationships with our customers, advocating for them and provide ongoing value. 2016 had just begun and we are already seeing the positive energy at ReadyPulse around the culture of customer success.

What are your 2016 goals for the customer success team at ReadyPulse?

The goals I have for the customer success team are all around developing customers for life. I want my team to focus on the following goals:

  1. Building relationships
  2. Represent the voice of the customer
  3. Become trusted advisors
  4. Empower our customers
  5. Have fun

What are some of your favorite things about ReadyPulse customers?

I have yet to meet a ReadyPulse customer that isn’t excited to start using our solution. They are always eager to get going and launch their first campaigns. Our customers truly trust my team and look to us to help them use ReadyPulse to remain on top of their game. And we’re happy to help them do just that. Most of all, our clients are personable, fun and passionate about what they do. We are too and it makes us just as excited to work with similar people.

And one for fun: What’s your favorite emoji?

I find myself posting pictures of new restaurants that I’ve tried, restaurant menus, well plated dishes and food and spirits that simply looks delicious. So I’ll go with the pig face emoji- “oink oink”.