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Working for a brand or agency means you’re going to be running and attending live events. Social media has brought many changes to the event planning industry, including the use of event hashtags for seminars and conferences.

Many event planners, social media marketers and event staff know what a hashtag is. But they may not understand how to use hashtags and apply them correctly within their event marketing. See the must-have elements and guidelines you need to follow in order to build successful participation and engagement at your next event, or even in your next influencer marketing campaign.

Keep Hashtags Short & Sweet

Creating an event hashtag means you’ve got free reign to come up with any words or phrases your team desires. However, this isn’t the time to go nuts and use every idea that the group suggests. Be specific and use the right keywords (or key phrase) that’ll immediately describe the upcoming event. The more concise and to the point, the better.

Relate Hashtags to the Event or Theme

It’s easy for planners to get caught up in the excitement of an event and brainstorm off-the-wall hashtag ideas, but doing this is most likely going to cause confusion among your audience. Don’t use too many hashtags during one single event. Zero in on the most important words and details to get your point across in a clear and summarizing manner. In addition, make your hashtag easy to spell and don’t be afraid to post high-quality, eye-catching photos alongside of it.

Communicate & Share Hashtags Regularly

There should be no shortage of PR promotions announcing your event hashtag and this needs to be done pre, during and post-event. To guarantee the success of the event hashtag, it should be forwarded to the right people within a reasonable amount of time. Tie your hashtag to specific content such as, widgets, email campaigns, tags and free online advertisements. Do this not just on Twitter but other social media platforms, as well. Cross-promotion strategies are also a great way to get the word out about your hashtag.


The worst mistake you can make is to come up with a hashtag, only to have it flop and realize no one knows what it is or understands it. This situation can be prevented by consistently reminding people of the hashtag by providing tweets a few times each day. This task should be delegated to a member of your team who’ll manage the tweet copy and posting schedule. It’s also a good idea to invite others who are involved or interested in the event to join in on the social conversation. Engaging you influencer network is a great way to keep excitement surrounding your event at peak levels.

Monitor Hashtag Usage & Hashtag Growth

It’s easy to come up with a hashtag, use it a few times and forget about it. You don’t want your hard work to go to waste, right? If not, I highly suggest you monitor the hashtag throughout its journey. There are social media management tools and processes that’ll give you accurate and complete information on how well the event hashtag is doing. Analytics tools allow you to find out how many tweets are being sent on your hashtag, the number of impressions, who the top posters or social influencers are and what related hashtags are being used.


Hosting and executing a successful live event is no easy task. There have been so many changes within the events, advertising social media world that it’s hard to keep up with every best practice. Use this guide to make sure that if you’re going to have an event hashtag, that you do it right.

Written By

Katie Carlson, Contributing Author with Experticity.