Facebook Graph Search – What it means for Your Business

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Facebook’s announcement of the Graph Search is a much bigger deal for business Facebook pages than the migration from ‘tabs’ to ‘Timeline’.. Here are some initial thoughts on what this means for your corporate brand page and what Facebook is liking trying to get done.

Search Ability

Potential Impact for You

Facebook Logic


A user will see your photo in line with friend photos. Pictures have far more engagement than any other posts – goal to increase engagement on page


For chains, people able to track check-ins to provide visuals on favorite stores Adjoining ads/recommendations based on check in behaviors


See ‘friends of friends’ who like the same page Larger connection for users, more connections = more engagement

Business Pages

A user may see ‘recommended’ pages or ‘products’ Migrating towards a more complete audience profile to provide better ad targeting data



  1. I am sure you are all putting pictures (not video, not text) on your business page posts – continue to do so.
  2. Map out the completeness of your Facebook page, and experiment with Offers, Events, etc. If you have a federated Facebook strategy (local locations have their own site), find ways to continue to share audience and content engagement.
  3. Know your audience – do you have the right people as Facebook fans? Do you know your top advocates on Facebook? You will want to attract the right people and it will be increasingly important to understand your fan base, as segments and individuals, not as stats.
  4. What are your competitors doing on Facebook? What are your partners doing on Facebook? Make you have people, systems, and processes in place to have a dashboard view – don’t get caught by surprise.

Overall I believe Graph Search will provide a compelling, personalized, curated, and visual experience for Facebook users. As e-commerce and digital marketers the key will be how take a ‘page’ from Facebook and provide your customers with a similar experience on your owned sites(social, web, mobile).