Facebook Subscribe Button May Help Brands Get More Exposure

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Facebook is launching a Subscribe button to enable any Facebook user to follow other Facebook users’ public updates. While this seems to be similar to Twitter and G+, there are a couple of interesting implications here.  One, as a Facebook user, you would have to take precautions on what is a public update and what is not. Many of us are used to simply posting on Facebook rather than carefully picking on who should see our status. On the other hand, for brands that are trying to reach more people, this can be an unexpected benefit from Facebook. Through the public updates, brands can reach to subscribers of Facebook users.  While brands don’t have to do anything specific to take advantage of Subscribe button, this advantage may diminish if more people realize the impact and start choosing the targets for their status, i.e., Friends, Family, or Public.

For more information on the Subscribe button, this Mashable article is a good source.

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Lauren Gould, Product Marketing Manager with ReadyPulse.