Get the Best Instagram Videos From Your Audience and Show off on Your Web Site

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Facebook has announced the support for videos on Instagram and over 130 million users of Instagram now have access to that capability. If you are one of those brands who jumped on the Vine bandwagon to take advantage of this brand new media, you must be wondering how to get started on Instagram videos as well.

Good news is that Instagram application provides a very seamless way to record short videos and share with Instagram followers. As a brand marketer, Instagram videos provide you with yet another opportunity to engage your target audience

Here is how the Instagram Video works.

a) Capture a video of 15 seconds or shorter using the latest Instagram app. To capture the video the user has to push the camera button and hold it. Photo capture works with only one button push.
b) Refine the video. There are several styles available and they are similar to those we have already seen to edit Instagram photos.
c) Send the video. Just like a photo, you can add comments and hashtags and send the video to Instagram network.

We have analyzed the @GoPro Instagram handle and found a few good Instagram videos to share in a ReadyPulse widget. Whether your fans share Instagram photos or videos, ReadyPulse widget can aggregate that content, score the content based on engagement, and provide you an easy to show off the most engaging photos and videos on your web site.

Refer to our previous post on promoting your brand on Instagram. Asking your fans to submit Instagram videos would be a great way to engage your fans while promoting your brand and products.


Written By

Lauren Gould, Product Marketing Manager with ReadyPulse.