How ReadyPulse Delivers Influencer Marketing Success

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Just as social influencer marketing has boomed in the last year, the ReadyPulse team has grown as well. The Client Success team, in particular, has doubled in just the last few months. In order to ensure the Client Success team stays true to our core beliefs, we wanted to craft a set of ethos and a mission statement. While we all know that successful influencer marketing programs are authentic, relationship-building and ROI-positive, we never want to lose sight of those goals as we grow.

Our entire Client Success team came together recently for a two-day offsite to discuss how we are going to deliver high-quality, consistent success to the marketers and brands we work with. The first item on our to-do list? Craft a meaningful team mission statement. What did influencer marketing success mean to our clients? And how do we help those marketers realize success quickly?

We each wrote down what “influencer marketing success” meant to us individually. Not surprisingly, many of our lists shared many similarities. As we went around the room and discussed our definitions of success, three key values quickly rose to the top. After further wordsmithing and more discussion, we drafted a mission statement that we’re confident reflects ReadyPulse, our dedication to influencer marketing and, most importantly, the brands and marketing professionals we engage with daily.

“Our mission is to become your trusted partner by keeping you in the know, providing the tools you need, and empowering you to experience the full potential of influencer marketing.”

Breaking down the Client Success team’s mission statement into its three parts reveals how they build upon each other.

Keeping You in the Know

We want to be transparent. We know that keeping you updated on the product roadmap, how we’re making progress on a technical issue or on company news reassures you that your brand is always top of mind—because it is! We live, sleep, drink The North Face,, HP, Bumble and all the other wonderful brands we work with. The more you know about what’s happening with ReadyPulse and the future of influencer marketing, the better chance you have to achieve your goals.

Providing the Tools You Need

Influencer marketing best practices are quickly changing. We are dedicated to providing you the latest in influencer marketing resources. And when it comes to using the ReadyPulse platform itself, we created ReadyPulse Academy—a knowledge base for ReadyPulse users. We are committed to being experts on influencer marketing strategy, product training and marketing best practices.

Empowering You

You want to be the champion of your marketing team, and that’s what we want as well. We want to help you unleash the power of influencer marketing so that your brand stands out from the competition. Only the best user-generated content (UGC), the most active social influencers and the most intriguing campaigns are good enough for our clients. We want you to be excited to talk with us, to work within our platform and to see the results of the effort we’ve put in together.

While ReadyPulse is growing quickly, our focus on our clients remains our number one priority. Please never hesitate to reach out to me personally if you have an awesome idea to help our ReadyPulse clients, like you, succeed!