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In business, no matter what industry, being social matters. The ROI of social media is one puzzle brands and marketers everywhere are still trying to solve. The key to answering the ROI question is data and analytics.

Executives want to know how and where their staff is spending money on social media and if participation is actually driving sales and adding to the bottom line. See best practices for how to drive conversions with Instagram so you can start reaping the benefits of your efforts.

Use Photos that Drive Sales

A recent study reveals the first real data on an Instagram’s ability to drive sales and, more importantly, the photo elements that boost sales conversions. The University of Wisconsin conducted a study and discovered valuable insights. In no particular order, below are the findings from their research regarding the type of photos that drive sales.

  • High levels of yellow or blue.
  • Longer captions.
  • No question marks or exclamations.
  • No filters.
  • From infrequent posters with high follower counts.

This information presents a bit of an obstacle for brands because the elements that tended to trigger engagement (likes, comments) were not the same elements that triggered sales conversions. This means brands must use a mix of criteria when curating Instagram photos.

Leverage the Reach of Influencers

It’s a known fact that consumers are more likely to trust a recommendation from friends and family versus a brand or marketer. This means it’s smart for companies to use social media influencers and UGC to get the word out about their products. Influencer marketing has the power to drive sales, signups, and app installs by using trackable links and promo codes.


Track Data & CPC

Tracking and analyzing data and CPC are numbers that are going to help you adjust your spend in order to generate revenue from Instagram. There are many different tools out there to help you track your traffic, clicks, and CPC. Determine as a team what metrics you care to track and make sure you keep weekly and monthly reports to monitor your progress.

Take Advantage of Targeting, Creative & Measurement Capabilities

Instagram now has the same targeting, creative and measurement capabilities as Facebook. It’s up to you to use the features and get the best results possible from your Instagram ads and campaigns. Brands are excited about the success they’ve seen with website conversion ads on Instagram and the potential the platform has to offer.

Run Ads with Call to Action Button

Running ads on Instagram will only work if you put in the time, effort and thought behind your strategy. The platform is allowing brands to reach new audiences, decrease cost per acquisition and drive sales using specific calls to action. Be sure to optimize your ads by including call to action buttons such as “Shop Now” that direct customers to your website and help drive conversions in a major way.

Instagram suggests that, “If you want to drive conversions on your website, using the website conversion objective is the easiest and most effective way. To create an ad optimized for website conversions, simply select Increase Conversions on Your Website when choosing your campaign objective in Facebook’s Ads Manager. From there, you can target your ads and customize the call to action button based on the action you want consumers to take.”


Driving conversions with Instagram is no longer just an idea, it’s a reality with best practices and tangible results. Social media isn’t just for liking, commenting and sharing anymore. The platform is helping brands and marketers drive sales and drive website conversions like never before.

Written By

Katie Carlson, Contributing Author with Experticity.