How to Improve Your Influencer Marketing Strategy

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Contemporary business owners and marketing managers have a lot to juggle on a daily basis, but the one question that is never too far out of mind is “How do we attract and retain more loyal customers on a daily basis?”

The answer for many businesses is – social influencer marketing.

Social influencer marketing refers to enabling fans of your business to act as living, breathing billboards for your brand by creating unique content that can be shared across a variety of social platforms. Marketers will refer to these content pieces as UGC, or user-generated content, which is often displayed on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and a variety of other sites. For businesses that desire real growth through this process, it is important to partner with a reputable firm to support the UGC process. To ensure your social influencer marketing strategy is complete and ready to roll out, follow the steps below and get ready to watch your goals become closer to reality!

Step One – Find the Right Social Influencers

Two billion individuals are presently active on social media, so it makes sense to create a marketing strategy with social media as the focal point – especially if traditional, expensive marketing activities haven’t been effective in the past. Step one involves finding the right social influencers for your target market. Is a member of the fashion elite the right spokesperson for your auto parts company? Probably not. But they would do wonders for a jewelry or designer watch company. The best option is to connect with a marketing firm that can quickly and easily identify the key players on social media who could promote your brand and are eager to work. The idea is to find the right person at the right time for your important social campaigns.

Step Two – Social Influencer Recruiting

When you work with a marketing firm that has deep ties to the influencer marketing world, you’ll find that recruiting the right influencers isn’t as hard as it seems. You’ll want to seek social influencers who are pre-qualified in your field, are opted-in to promoting your brand, and can organically and effectively tout your product or service to millions of interested consumers. You’ll quickly see who your most valuable brand advocates are, and in turn, they can provide serious visibility for your brand.


Step Three – Identifying and Measuring KPIs & Tracking Social Influencers

It isn’t enough to simply recruit individuals and hope that they move your business into the black. Instead, work with your strategic partners to define your business-specific KPIs and then measure these points by employing robust analytics software. By using the right tools for the job, you’ll quickly and easily see who is creating the most interest in your business, who is converting the most prospects or visitors into customers, and who is driving revenue to your bottom line. Appropriate software and analytical tools will report the size of each social influencer’s audience, the number of brand mentions across the major social networks, and the revenues generated by each individual. You should be able to quickly and efficiently understand the ROI gained from each influencer.

Step Four – Launching the Perfect Social Campaign

Though traditional marketing methods may seem genuine and organic on the surface, there is a level of authenticity in social media marketing that is simply unmatched by any other means of communication. Clients have proven time and time again that they will respond to a carefully crafted digital campaign, a process that begins by working with truly engaged social influencers. By using an appropriate influencer marketing platform, you can weed out those who aren’t as committed to growing your business as you are. Then, you can collect and organize UGC by using a curating message system to obtain material rights. By understanding which pieces of UGC you’ll have access to, you can guide your campaign or presentation quite easily. Finally, create the most effective social campaign by sending the right message to the right people – all at the right time. This is made simple when you have ready-made software at your disposal, like the tools available from Experticity.


Step Five – Keeping Social Influencers Engaged

Customers will think of your social influencers as trusted advisors of your product or service, and a natural extension of your business. Knowing this, it is crucial that you keep your influencers engaged to ensure honest, organic UGC at all times. Create terms and conditions for new social influencers, configure the influencer’s user experience and interactive platform in a way that makes it easy to do business with you, and continue to demonstrate your appreciation to your digital media marketers in an appropriate way.

When you are ready to accelerate your business results by analyzing, establishing, and managing the lucrative potential of social influencer marketing, be sure to follow the steps above to start off on the right track to success!

Written By

Katie Carlson, Contributing Author with Experticity.