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Hashtags are continuously making their way across social media outlets, TV programs, and print ads. They’re an essential tool for marketers because of their ability to amplify the reach of campaigns and create conversations.

We know that hashtags add value to a marketing campaign. The real challenge is coming up with the right and most appropriate hashtag for your promotion. Anyone can slap a hashtag in a tweet, but if you want results and notable reach you need more than guesswork. Below are three main questions you should ask yourself before settling on a hashtag.

Has it Been Done Before?

If you haven’t noticed, hashtags are everywhere and everyone’s using them in some way shape or form. While this is good for marketers, it also creates a challenge to do something that hasn’t been done before. Do your research and make sure the ideas you’re coming up with are unique and haven’t been done before.

Avoid getting lost in the shuffle by crafting original hashtags that make a statement about your brand and deliver an authentic message. You want your hashtag to be catchy and generate excitement amongst your fans. Try not to alienate people, but instead, bring them together by gaining mass appeal.

Will it Get People Talking?

Ask yourself, is your campaign hashtag going to be one that sparks conversations and encourages people to spread the word? Interactive hashtags inspire engagement and fuel brand relevant user generated content. The more conversational your hashtag is, the more organic word-of-mouth shares you’re going to ignite. Get your fans to share their personal stories, opinions and experiences related to your campaign.

People want to share and talk, but it’s up to brands to provide users with the right tools that make participating easy. A successful hashtag allows a brand to remove themselves from the picture so the fans and public can discuss, promote and share ideas around the hashtag.


Is it to the Point?

A concise hashtag that’s short and to the point is the best way to go. If it’s too long and complicated there’s a better chance it’ll distract instead of attracting. If your hashtag causes misunderstandings and is hard to spell, you risk your entire campaign diffusing due to confusion.

Use your hashtag to promote your brand’s message and focus, but condense the details into one simplistic and appealing idea. The hashtag should be relatable, relevant and brief. Make sure that your community knows the story behind the hashtag, so they know why they’re using it and in what context.


Picking your campaign hashtag is a process that requires careful planning and a clear strategy. Make sure it’s specific, unique, clear and easy to remember. Once you’re able to nail down the perfect representation of your campaign and brand message, all you have to do is get it in the hands of the public. There’s no magic formula to guarantee valuable results, but there are best practices to follow to give yourself the best chance at running a successful campaign hashtag.

Written By

Katie Carlson, Contributing Author with Experticity.