Inside Client Success: Why One Size Does Not Fit All for Influencer Marketing

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ReadyPulse is very proud to drive the leading customer retention rate in the Influencer Marketing industry. But have you ever wondered about the faces behind the client success team at ReadyPulse? You’ve heard their voices, but we decided it’s time you got to know them a little better. This month, we caught up with Sam Bowers, a rockstar and the “OG” of the client success team.

We chatted about why he joined ReadyPulse and why he loves having a seat at the table with our clients. Keep reading for more on how Sam makes his client successful by helping them engage with their audiences.

briana-headshot-noborderTell us a little about your background, Sam.

In short, my background is in sports and finance. When I moved to Silicon Valley, I wanted something new and exciting. I was promptly introduced to ReadyPulse, and I thought it sounded like a great opportunity to work with some of my favorite brands. And, well, the rest is history! I’ve been at ReadyPulse for just over two years, and I get to work with the best brands in the world every single day.

What does client success mean to you? 

Literally, to make ReadyPulse clients successful. My favorite part of Client Success at ReadyPulse is that it’s a team sport and everyone at the company is on the team. From engineering to marketing to sales and product, we’re all passionate about finding creative solutions to solve problems. The team brings together a vast amount of knowledge, and we know what works in the right context for any brand.

In a recent team offsite, the Client Success team came up with a mission statement: “Our mission is to become your trusted partner by keeping you in the know, providing the tools you need and empowering you to experience the full potential of influencer marketing.” Our team really takes this to heart and partners with our brands to make them successful with their influencer marketing initiatives.

Are you seeing any trends in influencer marketing with your customer you want to share?

One thing I have learned in this role is that one size does not fit all. The industry landscape is changing everyday and each brand has their unique audiences, making it an enjoyable challenge to grow and optimize their influencer marketing programs. I get to work with a wide range of brands across many industries. I’ve learned that no matter the size of your company, it is paramount to focus on your core categories. Figure out what sets you apart, educate your audience and, most importantly, engage. Engaging with your audience is key to influencer marketing success.

What are some of your favorite things about ReadyPulse customers?

Our customers are the best brands in the world. I get to work with brands I personally love and become part of their team, part of their conversations and marketing strategies. The entire team loves that we have a seat at the table.

And one for fun: What’s your favorite emoji?

My phone says spok emoji but my heart says img-pizza-emjoi.