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A Social Valentine’s Day – 4 Campaigns for your success on Valentine’s Day

Chocolate, roses, hearts, and a fancy dinner – isn’t that what usually comes to mind on Valentine’s Day? While we may be slightly obsessed with Social Media and Digital Marketing, we’re looking at Valentine’s Day through a much different lens (after we’ve devoured some chocolate, of course).

In addition to all of the tasty Valentine’s Day treats and spending it with your loved one, we see Valentine’s Day as a fantastic opportunity for our customers to connect with their social audiences on a much deeper level. We’ve developed four social campaigns that you can easily implement in time for Valentine’s Day to connect with and leverage your brands’ social audience:

1. ‘Share Your Love’ on Facebook
There’s nothing like the joy of changing your status on Facebook to ‘In a relationship.’ Behind every accepted relationship request is a wonderful story – there is nothing like an awkward first date or a ‘the first time I saw you’ story. On your brand’s page, Facebook users will have the opportunity to share their story. Once all stories are in, you can pick the most engaging and compelling story and reward that person however you wish – making them an ambassador of your page, a gift certificate, etc.

2. #Instagramlove
Nothing says ‘Valentine’s Day’ more than a picture of the roses given to you, the amazing dinner you shared, or a picture of the sunset on your after dinner walk. Photos provide depth and context to a story, and truly are one of the most engaging forms of social sharing. To leverage one of the most rapidly growing social channels, we suggest having the users upload a picture to Instagram that represents Valentine’s Day to them. Be sure to ask your audience to tag their photos with the hashtag that you have chosen so you can search, i.e. #favoritevalentinepic

As the pictures roll in, you can post some of the best ones to Facebook and have your brands’ audience take a vote. At the end of the month, a prize for the best photo that had the most engagement (maximum likes, comments, and shares) can be declared as the Valentine’s Day Social Sharing Winner.

3. Tweet 4 Love
Run a Twitter-based Valentine’s Day campaign by asking your audience to tweet the best Valentine’s Day date they’ve ever been on. One lucky winner will be chosen based on engagement

4. Presents from Pinterest
Giving your loved one a gift that bring a big smile to their face has to be one of the best feelings. Whether it be those diamond earrings she’s been pining after, or the latest tech gadget he’s been drooling over. Gift-giving in and of itself is a great platform for marketers to leverage.  Marketers can ask their audience to create a board on Pinterest and call it ‘The Art of Gifting,’ complete pins showing off the perfect gift for their loved one. Users will have to pin at least two items from your brands’ website onto the board, and a random pinner can be chosen as a winner and awarded.

Stretching the Success of Your Valentine’s Day Campaigns

The key to collecting usable, engaging, and effective content on social channels is maximizing the sharing and personalization of the content. With love in the air, there’s no better time to engage with the softer and more personal side of your audience.