#MyNYPD – Don’t Let Your Brand Hashtag Bring You Down

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The NYPD took to Twitter to show off their social side, asking users to post their photos with NYPD officers and the hashtag #MyNYPD. It seemed like a great way to show their impact in the community, and generate social buzz. Until it went from bad, to ugly.

Well NYPD, you definitely made an impact and caused quite the buzz.

Early in the day users uploaded friendly photos hanging out with uniformed gentleman at sporting events, major intersections, and landmarks. However, this did not last long. Soon hundreds of photos depicting police brutality were posted with #MyNYPD, engraining a violent portrayal of the police officers that patrol New York in the minds of social users forever.

How do you come back from that one? Let me tell you, it’ll be a challenge. So it is better to avoid a possible negative backlash by taking a few cautionary steps.

How to Take Control of Your Brand’s Hashtag

  1. Recruit social influencers for your brand ambassador programs.
  2. Create on-demand influencer marketing campaigns featuring a unique hashtag, and relevant products.
  3. Inspire your influencers, ambassadors, customers and fans to produce high-quality, brand relevant, authorized UGC for your marketing campaigns.
  4. Curate user generated content and make it shoppable.
  5. Publish user generated content on your e-commerce, website, in-store displays, or newsletters.

Written By

Lauren Gould, Product Marketing Manager with ReadyPulse.