#Paid vs #UnPaid – The Value of Organic Social Influencers

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Any company or marketer with a big budget can pay to elevate the presence of their brand pretty easily. The downside is that those who pay for all of their advertising risk coming off inauthentic, annoying and not credible. This isn’t good given the very people brands are trying to get in front of are continuously tuning them out.

Word-of-mouth and social influencer marketing works because the interactions between customers and brands are seen by the public as authentic and trustworthy. It makes sense to put power in the hands of the biggest advocates and energetic social fans because they’ll help spread the word and build brand credibility. See the value organic social influencers can bring to your marketing strategy.

Create Powerful Marketing
Influencer marketing is here to stay because of its ability to expand a brand’s audience reach and sell products. A study by McKinsey found that “marketing-induced consumer-to-consumer word of mouth generates more than twice the sales of paid advertising.” This is a big deal because it’s proof that consumers are reshaping traditional marketing strategies and voicing their opinions about their frustrations with paid advertisements.

Influencer marketing is an opportunity brands shouldn’t pass up. Seeking out personalities and customers who are in love with a brand’s products can open doors to new audiences and ignite new conversations about a brand. Not only will people be talking, but the discussions will be honest and frank exchange of ideas and opinions.

Social, Sexy & SEO Friendly
Let’s face it, social media is how we communicate, review products and exchange information these days. Traditional advertising is being changed, challenged and reworked. Traditionally, consumers made purchasing decisions based on the advertisements that they saw or heard. Today, it’s easier to connect with other consumers via social media and make better purchasing decisions by learning about their experiences with a product or service (SocialTimes).

Word of Mouth Marketing from Social InfluencersInfluencers and social media icons are people who can bring a brand to the next level. Their admiration and approval of products will communicate to the market and consumers that this brand might just be the next big thing. The content that some social influencers create is quite impressive and beautifully delivered. A lot of times it’s more impactful than what in-house creative teams and advertisers recommend. Brands and marketers are encouraged to take advantage of a social influencer’s content and repurpose and share it with their own fans. All the talking, sharing and commenting about a brand only increases a brand’s search engine ranking. The more the public is talking about your brand and products the more relevant and prevalent you’ll be on Google.

Customers Are Tuning Out Paid Ads
We’ve all heard the discussions around ad blocking and how consumers are going to great lengths to not see or interact with ads on their computers and phones. Consumers are finding ways around paid advertising and it seems this trend will only be getting stronger in the coming years. Viewers are unconsciously tuning them out. There’s even a term coined for this phenomenon called “banner blindness.” AdBlock, Netflix, and Spotify Premium are just a few programs that pride themselves on taking the ads out of traditionally ad-saturated media experiences.

Data Doesn’t Lie
It can be difficult to show the ROI and produce metrics with some marketing tactics, but it’s much easier with social influencer marketing. Instead of having to go off of hope and taking a shot in the dark, the digital world allows one to track social influencer analytics, every click, comment, like and share. These insights are being tracked by brands and marketers everywhere in order to gain more knowledge around their target market and advertising performance.

No matter what side you’re on, paid or unpaid, I think we can all agree traditional advertising strategies are no longer the most effective way to spread your message. Brands and marketers are being challenged to come up with new and creative strategies and experiment with multiple outlets to reach consumers and avoid being blocked. Organic social influencer marketing is not only becoming one of the most effective strategies for brands and marketers to implement, but one that’s delivering results.

Written By

Katie Carlson, Contributing Author with Experticity.