Have Everything You Need to Scale Your Brand Ambassador Program


Experticity brings brands closer to their brand ambassadors with a solution to efficiently create, manage and measure your brand ambassador program with one easy-to-use platform.

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Take the Fast Track to Quality Brand Ambassador Programs

With Experticity you are in full control of your brand ambassador program from recruitment to performance measurement and everything in between. Experience our one-of-a-kind technology enabling some of the world’s best marketers to fully configure an ambassador program experience that is tailored to the brand’s needs, and the brand ambassador’s needs – and the best part is, you can structure your entire program in just a couple of hours.

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"We've leveraged the relationship that we have with [brand advocates] and their enthusiasm to create this awesome program"

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Everything Your Brand Ambassador Program Needs Right Where You Need It

Are you wasting time managing your brand ambassador program with multiple platforms? Simplify your strategy. Manage your brand ambassadors with one platform that provides an end-to-end solution to build and grow a thriving brand ambassador program.

Brand Ambassador Portal

Configure a branded ambassador facing portal to house your brand ambassador program

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Brand Ambassador Recruitment Tools

Easily recruit new ambassadors. Direct message & monitor on social. Gather info & automatically create profiles

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Message Inbox & Outbox

Send, track and organize all brand ambassador communications with one platform

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Activate brand ambassadors in your campaigns to generate fresh content, brand buzz and feedback

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Check the status and participation rates of all of your brand ambassador campaigns at once

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Monitor your brand ambassador's activity across social networks and your ambassador network at once

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Set incentivized goals for your brand ambassadors and get real-time updates when goals are being met

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Performance Dashboard

Measure the performance of your brand ambassador program including ROI, content, social reach and more

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House Your Ambassador Program in a Branded Portal

Give brand ambassadors exclusive access to a portal that hosts only your brand ambassador network. Leverage Experticity’s brand ambassador portal to create a professional and structured experience that makes program participation enjoyable.

Features include:

  • Enjoy managing your brand ambassadors with Experticity’s intuitive & easy-to-configure portal
  • Full configurability provides you with complete flexibility to control your portal’s look and feel
  • No need to worry about servers we fully host all portals
  • Quickly launch on-demand campaigns to activate your brand ambassadors with a drag and drop landing page editor
  • Experticity’s portals are mobile optimized for easy participation on the go

Easily Collect Authentic Owned and Earned Content On-Demand

Activate your brand ambassadors to generate engaging user generated content to display across your marketing channels.

Experticity provides you access to numerous campaign templates to leverage your brand ambassadors power of influence to reach your specific goals including new product launch, incentivized referrals, social buzz and more.

Easily get permission to use your brand ambassador’s content with the following features:

  • Configure and enable privacy settings that your brand ambassadors can manage in their brand ambassador program profile
  • Reach out to your brand ambassadors on social from the platform
  • Activate ambassadors in your campaigns to generate specific content
  • Embed Experticity photo uploaders in your portal and marketing channels
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Build and Grow a Loyal Brand Community

Support your brand ambassadors with a transparent environment that allows for open communication between you and your ambassadors, and ambassador to ambassador. Experticity enables a brand ambassador program messaging system to keep all of your communications organized.

Use the following features to get the full picture of your brand ambassadors:

  • Send personalized messages to your brand ambassadors
  • Configure profile questions to get to know your social influencers
  • Allow influencers to monitor one another’s activity and connect through a digital ambassador directory
  • Recognize and reward influencers for their participation

Better Brand Ambassador Programs with Personalized Experiences

Increase participation rates and high-quality content production by activating your brand ambassadors based on their core interests and strengths.

  • Collect information about your influencers with configurable program applications, profiles and surveys
  • Advanced filters allows you to find social influencers by specific criteria
  • Segment and save influencers in categorized groups
  • Activate influencers by group to participate in campaigns relevant to them

Effective Brand Ambassador Programs that Influence Real Results

Track and measure the activity and performance of your brand ambassadors within your ambassador program and their social networks with one dashboard.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most consumer-product brands and retailers can benefit from deploying their own brand ambassador programs; there are a few reasons why. For example, it is often difficult for a brand to gain the right visual content or visual reviews around new product. This is often due purely to a lack of content around the product because it is simply so new: no one has gotten it yet because it hasn’t hit the shelves. In this case, a brand or retailer can leverage influencers within a brand ambassador program to gain quality and authentic social product photos, that not only act as fantastic reviews around a product, but also spread awareness throughout social audiences to bring product-exposure and drive traffic back to your online store. Not only are brand ambassador programs great for seeding product for visual reviews, but also provide innovative and out-of-the-box ways to engage with digital influencers within their target market and customer base. Additionally, brands can reward customers for their continued brand loyalty and support within such ambassador programs. When an ambassador (or influencer) is identified, recruited, then activated in various influencer marketing campaigns (such as a hashtag competition, photo of the month campaign, etc.) they can be rewarded with various incentives that will further encourage them to post for a brand -- which will in turn inspire others’ desire to engage with a brand and an influx of content will ensue. This means a given brand can gain volumes of earned media to use within their marketing across digital and print properties - not only cutting down on paid advertising to reallocate valuable budget, but also grow a base of authentic content creators that can support marketing campaigns and initiatives on an ongoing, on-demand, basis.

Various organizations invest in brand ambassador programs at different times. This is because ambassador programs are so incredible versatile that the use-case can be very different on a brand by brand basis. Some companies choose to invest in such programs because they have a company story and culture that demands it. Communication with their audience is open and reciprocal, and that type of brand-audience relationship translates well into a program in which both brand and audience can share, engage, create - together. Another point at which a digital marketer would invest in a brand ambassador program is when there is a need or desire to better engage with their own employees. This is most common with brands or retailers who are large enough that their in-store employees cannot be managed or engaged -- launching various campaigns with incentives to increase happiness levels, fun factor, friendly competition, or even to see what challenges and struggles employees face during day-to-day operations. Keeping your employees happy, engaged, and informed is a top priority for the most successful brands today, and this can be accomplished with an easily deployed and managed ambassador program. It is important to note that many digital marketers have doubts about ambassador programs. They believe that they are difficult to set up, difficult to manage, and find it hard to believe that they can be scalable -- furthermore, large-scale quantification of an ambassador program can seem a daunting task, and marketers know best the importance of reporting ROI. The fact is that these programs don’t have to be difficult at all. They can actually be enjoyable! With Experticity, brands and retailers can deploy and ambassador program quickly, launch campaigns and quantify ROI not only on the program as a whole, but understand ROI from each influencer so that the program’s effect on bottom-line can be maximized over time.

Returning to the beauty and versatility of brand ambassador programs, the number of brand ambassadors varies depending on the marketer’s preference. Whether you’re looking to launch a substantial program of 10k+ ambassadors or take a more exclusive approach of 50 to 100, it can be done. Due to the scalability and flexibility of ambassador programs, they cater well to varying program sizes. Frankly, sometimes it makes more sense to start with a lower number of ambassadors and scale up as needed - but a digital marketer should never be discouraged or intimidated by the concept of managing thousands of ambassadors. It just seems unmanageable. The truth is that whether your program is small-scale or scaled into the hundreds, thousands...it should be just as easily managed through a balance of automation and personalization.

When you decide to take the first few steps in establishing a well-built ambassador program, the recruitment stage of the process is inevitable. Firstly, you need to evaluate you current assets -- internal customer lists, employees (your closest ambassadors!), family, friends, your online fans who engage with your brand throughout social media. Second, develop your outreach strategy. You will need to determine what type of personas you want most prevalent within your ambassador program, develop surveys or questionnaires to fill in any desired characteristics, and use those answers to determine who will the best prospects for your program are. You want people who live your story, who are willing to share their experiences, who understand your mission and culture - so that they can be cultivated into long-term advocates with a heightened enthusiasm and willingness to engage. Once you have your list of nominees, you simply send out the invitation to join. If you have leveraged your internal assets, social followings, customer base properly, and have done a good job letting your audience know about the program, there should be no shortage of potential ambassadors who would be delighted and honored to join such a community of influencers.

Managing your brand ambassador programs should always be easy. With a tool like Experticity, you can do it all from one place. From strategic insight from industry experts, to self-managed configuration and deployment of brand ambassador campaigns, to visualizing the result down to the dollar, we enable you to be an ambassador-managing powerhouse. Keeping up to date with your ambassadors’ activity and engagement is a must. An important part of managing your program is always knowing who has been posting, which ambassadors have taken to social with your campaigns, and understand how that activity has impacted your business. Monitoring the sentiment within posts and audience engagement around ambassador activity is important to understand the ROI delivered with each and every campaign, and with Experticity, those metrics are available at the click of a button. We enable you to be fully informed on individual ambassador performance, and educated on the ambassador effect on a campaign-by-campaign basis.

Knowing how to effectively grow your brand ambassador program is the most common problem brands face. When is comes to brand ambassador program best practices always remember to put your customer first and you will succeed. The best way to grow and scale your program is to create an experience that is an extension of your brand and values. If you have the right brand ambassadors, they love your brand because of your culture and experience you provide to customers, so let that shine through. Another best practice for successful brand ambassador programs is personalization. Activating your brand ambassadors by their main interests will increase campaign participation rates, quality of content and overall brand promotion efforts. One easy way to keep brand ambassadors engaged is to segment them into groups by their interests. That way you can activate a group of like-minded, influential engaging people at one time. The key to a thriving brand ambassador program is to continuously ask for feedback from the people in your program. Collecting feedback on a consistent basis will allow you to tailor your program to your brand ambassador’s needs as well as your brand’s.

Finding the right software with the best solution for your brand is just as important, if not more, as finding the right brand ambassadors for your program. When evaluating software take into account which platform offers the most capabilities to manage and scale your brand ambassador program. That way you can keep all of your brand ambassadors, campaigns and reports in one central location. Before you select a brand ambassador program software, you need to consider the following.

  • Determine your goals for creating a brand ambassador program and look for not only a software, but a company that is dedicated to seeing your brand succeed.
  • Create a list of all the tools you will need to effectively manage a brand ambassador program.
  • Decide what types of personas and how many brand ambassadors you want in your program. Will you need more than one program for different brand verticals?
  • Do you need a tool to identify valuable brand ambassadors? Determine your annual budget and where the funds will come from for your brand ambassador program.
By taking time to identify your needs and main use cases you will be able to find the software that best meets your requirements quickly.

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