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Not all influencers want to create branded content. But Experticity recruits from a network of people who have already raised their hands to say they’re up for it and for those influencers that haven’t raised their hands, our tools recruit them for you.

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Efficiently Target Valuable Social Influencers

Our in-depth influencer network gives brands a fast-tracked recruiting experience because our influencers already know they are receiving vetted opportunities.

  • Streamline your social influencer recruitment process with Experticity
  • Browse our extensive network of exclusive opted-in and pre-qualified influencers
  • Discover your organic brand advocates with Experticity’s patented scoring technology to identify your most valuable social fans in minutes
  • Import your list of current influencers — loyal customers, employees & audience

Build Trust with Social Influencers

Experticity accelerates your recruitment process by making it easy to connect and interact with social influencers to collect detailed information.

Engage with influencers from the Experticity platform with the following features:

  • Send social Direct Messages
  • Comment on influencer’s social content
  • Send influencers a personal e-mail
  • Invite influencers to participate in your campaigns
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Qualify Social Influencers

Finding the right people has never been this easy, until now.

Experticity provides multiple features to validate you have the right people for the job:

  • Configure and send application forms to quickly collect details about interested candidates
  • Compare and rank influencer profiles to determine the best candidates
  • Surface influencers that meet your requirements with custom filters such as reach, relevance to subjects, established relationships to your brand, authenticity, social reputation and more
  • Organize and segment social influencers into groups
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Real-Time Social Influencer Recruitment Tracking

Continuously manage the status, progress and results of your social influencer recruitment efforts.

We make it easy for you to stay on top of your social influencer recruitment:

  • Receive push notifications to monitor your recruitment efforts
  • Monitor your social influencer recruitment rate
  • Track the number of applicants
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Frequently Asked Questions

Finding social influencers that are the most qualified can be challenging if you don’t know where to start. But if you have a strategy in place you can easily guarantee you have the best social influencers for your marketing campaigns. There are many factors you should consider when determining if a social influencer is the best person to drive results for your brand. By identifying key factors that equal success you will be able to gauge which social influencers are qualified to meet your needs. Some of the factors you should take into account are:

  • Number of followers across all social networks
  • How many likes they receive on average per post
  • How many comments they receive on average per post
  • If the social influencer matches your persona criteria
  • If the social influencer is a fan of your brand
  • If the social influencer is working with any of your competitors
It is best to put a strategy into place early on so you have an effective method to compile all of the data necessary on each social influencer. There are a few strategies that work particularly well to streamline the process to recruit social influencers.
  • By using the Experticity community you can easily filter through social influencer profiles to see extensive information on important personal, social, and previous campaign performance data in one place. That way you can quickly see if the social influencer matches your needs.
  • The Experticity platform allows you to create a custom social influencer online application that you can quickly send to prospects to easily collect relevant data you need to know. Then easily access and filter social influencer's data to find the right person every time.
By getting to know as much about your social influencer as quickly as possible will help you make decisions around who is the most qualified.

The number of social influencers you need to recruit for a campaign varies on the type of campaign you are running. Each campaign will have different requirements, goals, and criteria for social influencers, which you should decide on before recruiting any social influencers. For campaigns that are focused on increasing reach you should recruit 100 or more influencers to make the biggest impact possible. For very targeted campaigns such as new product launches, you should recruit anywhere from 25 – 100 influencers. This will ensure more high quality content from all high quality social influencers.

There are many effective and easy ways to recruit social influencers. The best way to recruit influencers is to simply reach out to them with a personal message. Social influencers want to help brands succeed and feel their role is important when you send them a personal message. Here are some ways that you can recruit social influencers.

  • Use the Experticity platform to recruit social influencers very easily in a number of ways. The easiest way to recruit social influencers it to send them a message on social. Another easy method is to create a custom online application that can be shared with anyone, or send a personal email that can be tracked.
  • Use the Experticity community to quickly find and connect with industry specific influencers that match your desired personas.
  • Have a team reaching out to social influencers in person at events.
  • Analyze your social audience and find valuable fans. Then send them a quick message on social to recruit them.
  • Review your customer list and find loyal customers that might be a good fit. Then send them a personal email asking them to join a campaign as a recruited social influencer.
  • Evaluate your employees to find influencers that are already educated on your brand and products. Then personally recruit them to participate in campaigns.

We highly suggest that you do not recruit only celebrity social influencers. Consumers want proof from social influencers that are relatable and authentic. They want to see people that are similar to them endorse a brand or product. When consumers see a celebrity influencer it definitely helps a brand because they are associated to a certain status. However, consumers know that celebrity social influencers are being paid to promote the brand or product. This causes brands to loose some of the value in their message because it is not proven whether the celebrity would organically choose one brand over another.

You should first establish the different roles opt-in brand ambassadors play vs. social influencers that you use in certain campaigns. In some cases you might not even consider a particular social influencer for a spot in your brand ambassador program. If you want to get a good idea how a social influencer will perform in your brand ambassador program or what type of content they will contribute, then you should have them participate in a campaign first. However, this is not always necessary. Some social influencers you will just know they are a great fit for your brand ambassador program right away. When you find these social influencers you should move forward recruiting them to your official brand ambassador program as quickly as possible, so your competition doesn’t recruit them before you do.

We recruit social influencers from the Experticity community. This network consists of thousands of qualified, industry specific social influencers that are eager to help brands succeed. These influencers come from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Vine, YouTube, Snapchat and more. The Experticity community has thousands of influencers requesting to join the network daily. So you will find the right social influencers for your needs.

You want to guarantee you have not only the right social influencers for your campaigns but enough people to participate to make a significant impact. So you want to leave enough time before hand to the right combination of social influencer, but don’t want to recruit them too far in advance that they loose excitement. By giving yourself 2-6 weeks to recruit social influencers you will have plenty of time to get the right people for the job. It is possible to find a great group of social influencers in under a week but you could potentially loose quality or quantity of social influencers.

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