What’s Your Hottest Asset? For Marketers, it’s User Generated Content (UGC).|

We love content that kicks @ss! Connect with your consumers and fans and use their original and authentic visual content to power your marketing.

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Collect UGC & Move Your Marketing Forward Fast

We accelerate your marketing efforts. Experticity automatically collects your consumer’s authentic photos and videos across all social networks such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. Consumers can also directly submit photos to you. Once curated, you can publish UGC across your marketing campaigns and channels such as product pages, emails, printed catalogs, store kiosks, and more. We make it lightning fast and powerfully simple.

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Tap Into UGC That Wins

Drive powerful results with trusted content that’s fresh, real and already proven to engage. Our award-winning technology automatically evaluates, scores and ranks the top content that will drive you the best results. Just approve the curated content you want. Reject what you don’t want. Regardless, everything is archived. Tag approved content to your products or campaigns. We make it all shoppable. Extend across your marketing. And enjoy improvements in CTR, CPA, sales and engagement.

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Have Social Media Content 
Rights Management?

Protect your company and career. We make it ok to use images shared on social media by real customers or fans. Gaining authorization and rights is simple with Experticity. And everything is recorded for legal purposes. Our platform makes social content curation and rights management a breeze.

User Generated Content (UGC)
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Frequently Asked Questions

User generated content (UGC) curation is the process of selecting, categorizing and saving content that is surfaced from all major social networks, social influencer and brand ambassador campaigns and customer submissions. Curating content can be a laborious process if you do not have the right tools to streamline the process. User generated content (UGC) curation is something brands should not shy away from, as it is proven that displaying authentic UGC in your marketing increases engagement, conversions and revenue.

Brands, retailers and organizations need user generated content (UGC) curation to collect authentic, engaging social proof that they can repurpose in their marketing to influence conversions. Each company will have different user generated content (UGC) curation needs based on their size, stage and budget, but all companies see a large return from the investments they make. Anyone who wants to be an effective and modern marketer should start the process of user generated content (UGC) curation.

The best part about user generated content (UGC) curation is that it can be done in many ways. However, to streamline the process and see the biggest impact from UGC you will need a tool that can quickly identify the best content to use in your marketing, because it is proven. The best method for curating UGC is to establish requirements that UGC must meet before you use it in your marketing. The best way to go about user generated content (UGC) curation is to request permission from the user directly to display their image. That way you avoid any legal issues and you are able to build trust with a valuable content creator that you can leverage again and again.

User generated content (UGC) curation is effective because of the numerous networks you can curate content from. For brands just getting started with user generated content (UGC) curation, a good place to start is by surfacing content from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Vine and YouTube. When you get comfortable with curating content from major social networks you can begin to leverage specific people vs. specific channels. User generated content (UGC) curation is simple when you can utilize brand ambassador programs, social influencer campaigns, and public campaigns. An even more strategic method to surface high-quality, relevant content is to tap into your customer, employee and partner networks. Get creative with your user generated content (UGC) curation strategy. If you find the content Experticity makes it easy to make it shoppable and repurpose it on your site.

Finding the right user generated content (UGC) curation software for your brand is a crucial part of your digital marketing strategy. Before you start researching and evaluating different software solutions you need to first understand your needs, use cases and goals. If you know your desired course of action it will be easier to find a solution that best helps grow your brand with the power of UGC.

How map out your user generated content (UGC) curation strategy to find the best software solution.

  • Determine your goals for user generated content (UGC) curation.
  • Where do you want to display user generated content (UGC)?
  • How much fresh user generated content (UGC) do you want to curate per month?
  • Will you need services as well as software from your solutions provider?
  • Determine your annual budget and where you will get funds for user generated content (UGC) curation.

There is many great user generated content (UGC) curation companies available to brands, but not all are concerned about displaying UGC with full disclosures and staying compliant with the FTC. To really execute user generated content (UGC) curation successfully you will want to choose a software solution provider that educates you on allows you to curate UGC without risk.