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ReadyPulse is stoked to announce our first Pulse Team member, Sammy Halbert.

We held a contest from December to January to find an action sport athlete, of any skill level, with high-quality, engaging social content. Athletes posted their action shots on their social networks with the hashtag #PulseTeam, to enter to win a Pulse Team sponsorship to continue gaining exposure and further their career with the help of our social expertise. The athlete with the best content, determined by ReadyPulse’s Pulse Score (quality indicator), identified our winner. We were very impressed with the submissions we received, but the Pulse Score showed us who the true content champion was. Congratulations Sammy Halbert, you are our #PulseTeam Action Shot Contest winner!

Sammy submitted a GoPro video from a recent Flat Track race that received 389 Likes, 122 Shares, 20 comments, and a Pulse Score of 75 (out of a maximum of 100)!

Follow Sammy Halbert on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to keep up with his photos and videos from his races all over the world!

Written By

Lauren Gould, Product Marketing Manager with ReadyPulse.