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We are very excited to announce the availability of Instagram promotions. As Instagram’s popularity continues to grow, brands and retailers are eager to take advantage of Instagram to reach to their target audience. In its recent report Pew Research highlighted the recent trend of teens spending more time on Instagram and Twitter and away from Facebook.


  • Run a flexible Instagram brand promotion campaign and offer an optional registration + voting to broaden the exposure
  • Automatically score content to identify the best content and moderate unwanted photos
  • Match photos with products to enable shopping
  • Use best Instagram photos in your marketing campaigns, Web sites, E-commerce product and shopping pages and within your store
  • Connect the social ids with Email to enable matching with your customer data to find out which customers are socially engaging
  • Complete tracking of clicks and influencers (your fans sharing the links and resulting click throughs)
  • Support for mobile devices, web and Facebook page tabs

In an essence, ReadyPulse provides ways to cross-promote the Instagram photos on Facebook and get maximum exposure and best results.

Here is an example Instagram Promotion by one of our customers.

How ReadyPulse enables Instagram Promotions

ReadyPulse supports Instagram promotions in a couple of ways such as simply Instagramming a photo with a hashtag or registering the Instagram handle on a Facebook page application in addition to Instagramming photos. In case registration is mandated, ReadyPulse provides an application that is accessible via the desktop or on a smart phone such as iOS and Android device.

  1. Instagram hashtag tracking – You may define one or more hashtags for the giveaway and ask your participants to add to Instagram photos.  ReadyPulse allows you to track those specific hashtags during the campaign period and aggregate all matching photos, users who shared the photos, and engagement data (likes and comments) on the shared photos.  You can pick a winner from the participants who adhered to your campaign rules.
  2. Instagram brand mentions tracking – You may choose to require your participants to share a photo on Instagram with multiple mentions of your brand’s handles and/or your marketing partners.  ReadyPulse will aggregate Instagram photos that match your contest rules to enable winner selection.
  3. Instagram description tracking – As part of the contest, you may require your participants to take a picture of your product / brand and add a description. ReadyPulse will be able to filter the Instagram content that matches your contest requirements such as specific keywords so that you don’t have to sift through manually.
  4. Content moderation – You may reject submissions that aren’t matching your contest rules or photos of bad quality.
  5. Participant registration on Facebook – You may choose to require your Instagram promotion participants to officially enter into your giveaway by entering their Instagram handle on Facebook Page tab application.
  6. Match Facebook ID, Instagram ID and Email of your participants – If you require your participants to officially enter by giving their Instagram handle on Facebook page tab application, ReadyPulse will match the Facebook ID, Instagram ID and Email of your participants for additional segmentation and relationship building initiatives.
  7. Open up submitted Instagram photos for voting – You may attach a voting application to your Instagram promotion to increase virality of your Instagram user generated content. When a user submits a photo and registers his / her Instagram handle on the Facebook page tab application, you can encourage the participant to ask for votes from his friends by sharing the link to the submitted photo on Facebook personal timeline, Twitter and Email.
  8. Direct participants to your web site after completing the registration. ReadyPulse allows you to customize the web page URL you want your participants to visit after joining the Instagram promotion. For example, you may want to drive traffic to a specific product’s description page you are promoting to encourage buying.
  9. Send Emails to participants on voting status and remind them to get more votes. If you added voting as a next step in the promotion after participants submitted their photos, you can send emails to participants with sharable links for their photos to encourage more people to join the giveaway.
  10.   Reporting and Analytics – ReadyPulse provides a comprehensive set of analytics and downloadable Excel reports on Instagram promotions in the following areas:

    Standard analytics

  • Total Instagram photos collected
  • Number of participants
  • Average content shared by each participant
  • Engagement on photos (Likes, comments)

Advanced Analytics
ReadyPulse offers additional analytics If participatng registration on the Facebook Page tab is offered and photos are enabled for voting.

  • Emails – Unique Emails collected, emails sent, emails opened, and open rates
  • Click throughs – total clicks from emails and clicks to different URLs from emails and ReadyPulse applications
  • Traffic
    • Impressions on brand (total views)
    • Participants by web and mobile
    • Traffic sources – brand and audience
  • Social – engaged fans, new fans acquired
  • Gender (number and percentage for female and male)
  • Top 10 Likes
  • Influencer (people whose shares resulted in a click) analytics
    • Total Influencers
    • Top 10 influencers
    • Influencers by share source (email and other sources, Facebook, and Twitter)
    • Gender distribution of influencers (gender of the people whose shares resulted in a click)
  • Engagement by Votes
    • Number of unique commenters : 400
    • Gender distribution among unique commenters (number, %)
  • Content insights
    • Word cloud of participant and voter comments


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Written By

Lauren Gould, Product Marketing Manager with ReadyPulse.