Seven Ways to Effectively Promote a Webinar

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Webinars are a cost-effective, credibility-boosting tool to grow your email and prospect list. Not only do they give you a vehicle to showcase your knowledge and share your best content, but most importantly hosting regular webinars for prospects and clients establishes you as an authority in your field

 They key to a great webinar is promotion to attract the right target audience. Through research and trial and error this is what I have found gets the most traction and attendance to your webinar.


Step 1: Post your webinar on your website

Add a registration link to your webinar on your website at least two weeks prior to the presentation. On your website, promote pictures of the speakers, a brief description of the webinar and a call to action to entice readers to register.

Step 2:  Send out an email blast

Send out an email to your entire prospect and client list two weeks before the event. Once people register have a confirmation email sent to them. Three days prior to the webinar send out another e-blast to the prospects and clients who have not registered yet. For those who register, send them a reminder the day before the webinar as well as an hour before it starts.

Step 3: Promote on your social networks

Post your webinar onto all social networks your company uses with different tracking links (for example, we use so you can track where prospects are signing up for the webinar.  The social networks I have found most effective for promotion are Twitter, Facebook, Stumbleupon, and Reddit.

Step 4: Share on LinkedIn

Share the webinar on relevant LinkedIn groups and an update so that LinkedIn group members and followers can easily find out and register for your webinar.

Step 5: Get your team to help

Craft and send pre-written tweets and status updates with appropriate hashtags, mentions, and pictures to team members. You want as much free publicity as you can get for your webinar and leveraging your employee’s social network connections is a fast and easy way to do so.  By creating pre-written tweets and updates, your team can quickly copy and paste them without taking away from their duties, while helping you to promote to many more business professionals.

Step 6: Have the speakers promote it

Use your speakers to generate buzz about the webinar. Speakers, like your team members, are free avenues of social and LinkedIn webinar promotion. Use the same pre-written tweets and updates and encourage your speakers to share with their networks.

Step 7:  Blog about the webinar

Write a blog article to promote your webinar. Post the article on your blog and share a link to your blog on social sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Written By

Lauren Gould, Product Marketing Manager with ReadyPulse.