Study: Retail Associates Are Your Most Powerful Influencers During Black Friday and the Holidays

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Black Friday is around the corner, which means we’re about to enter the busiest shopping season of the year. At the same time, top brands and retailers are trying to find the right strategies to meet their sales goals. A lot of them will turn to influencer marketing to reach those goals, but they might be neglecting their most powerful influencers this holiday season: retail sales associates. After all, it’s sales associates who are trusted to guide people through the most crucial part of their buying journey — deciding what to buy.

We polled some of these retail sales associates in our own network to see how the decisions their retailers make impact them as “influencers.” The results? Retail associates are not only having a ton of conversations about their store’s products outside of work, but they’re more likely to be loyal to the store and recommend its products when they’re given Black Friday and Thanksgiving Day off.

Retailers, take note! Check out the full survey findings below.

Power of Retail Influence during black friday survey

Written By

Inga Johnson, SVP, Marketing & Brand with Experticity.