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In our recent post – Content is King and Context is Queen – our CEO Dennis O’Malley talked about how content and context go together and the best practices for focusing on creating content that works really well.  However, the biggest issue for any marketer is to understand the bar – how good is good enough.  The only way to know about the bar is to know the best in your industry.  Here are the three reasons to keep tabs on the industry for best content.

Reason #1 – Learn from what successful brands are doing in their social marketing

Social media marketing is still at a very nascent stage and there are no playbooks yet that are set in stone. The best learning opportunity is to see what other brands are doing. Since there is so much noise out there, you need to find ways not to miss the best social content and prioritize your time wisely. Real-time tracking of social media feeds just doesn’t cut it as the feeds don’t have minimal info on the quality of the content. You will need a way to sift through the noise and figure out the best, in real-time.

Reason #2 – Understand how successful campaigns look like

The stakes are high with social media marketing. Significant investments can go waste if campaigns fail to resonate. You can save time, money and efforts by looking at successful campaigns and figuring out how to either outsmart your competition or learn from successful campaigns.

Reason #3 – Know what kind of content is resonating most

Every marketer knows that exceptional content is required to break through the noise of social media. However, it is important to know if your content is working well with your target audience so that you can focus your energies. Your content marketing strategies can be evolved by simply looking at what content is working most with what kinds of audiences.

How to get to know the best content in an industry?

While there are several ways you can keep track of content from different sources such as RSS readers, Google alerts, etc, the key would be to keep tabs on social content from the brands you want to monitor in any industry.  We at ReadyPulse are excited to make it easier for you with “Best of Social” Newsletter for certain industries such as Apparel and Golf. These newsletters are delivered to your email inbox every Friday.

If you have suggestions to cover your own industry, simply drop us an email at

What is covered in “Best Of”

  • Most engaging Posts and Tweets within the chosen industry (25)
  • Content Score and Social engagement information for each post/tweet included
  • Latest blog posts from ReadyPulse blog

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Lauren Gould, Product Marketing Manager with ReadyPulse.