Top 10 Predictions for Digital Marketers in 2013

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2012 flew by. Lots changed. Having a close up view working with progressive and successful brands and retailers over the year, here are some thoughts on what we are gearing up for during 2013. We would love to hear your thoughts – where do you agree? Disagree? What did we miss?

Our 2013 predictions are for marketing execs and digital marketing managers alike, a mix of strategy and execution, that hopefully provides a holistic view that is both far-reaching and pragmatic.

  1. Social KPI’s will migrate beyond community size and engagement metrics and will be connected to business metrics on web traffic, conversions, and revenue. Facebook insights reduces in importance and Google analytics importance increases.
  2. Facebook engagement on brand pages will continue to be a challenge and continue to drop. Emphasis will be placed on visual platforms with higher engagement including Pinterest, Instagram, and Polyvore.
  3. Mobile campaigns will increase significantly and marketers will make mobile compatibility a main decision criteria for social marketing vendors.
  4. The most effective marketing asset will continue to be word of mouth marketing, and digital marketers will work to collect and display this powerful asset in digital campaigns.
  5. e-Commerce and email marketing teams with “discover” the power of social data, resulting from merchandising campaigns that involve social from the start.
  6. Social Proof” becomes a priority for every e-commerce marketer as traditional ratings and reviews continue to reduce in number while social brand expressions continue to increase.
  7. Consumers will understand opportunities presented by being a “brand advocate”, causing brands to spend more time and resources on governance and privacy.
  8. The use of Sponsored Stories and Social ads will increase significantly and social marketers will include brand advocates in ad content.
  9. Social ads with testimonials will outperform product ads for brands.
  10.   User Generated Content will be shared via omni-channel and in-store experiences such as product catalog search, reviews and testimonials, competitive price comparison, and coupon search and identification.

5 Suggestions on Digital Marketing Planning for 2013

By now, many organizations have already spent cycles on 2013 digital marketing plans and budgets. Here are some suggestions that can help refine your draft proposals and crystallize your initiatives.

  1. Include social marketing as an integrated component of your digital marketing initiatives including email, web, mobile, and in-store kiosk.
  2. Seek out word of mouth marketing and user generated content across all digital channels (public social networks, branded social networks, emails, web sites, e-commerce sites, and blogs) and try to collect and promote this in cross-channel marketing.
  3. Focus on identifying and nurturing a strong customer and brand advocate community to generate contextual word of mouth marketing at the brand and product levels.
  4. Develop a pilot plan and criteria for testing emerging technologies and advertising alternatives.
  5. Develop a single scorecard across your marketing organization that will quantify the contributions of all marketing channels. Finalize the scorecard before the Q1 of 2013 to ensure the organization is committed to delivering or exceeding the scorecard goals.

Written By

Lauren Gould, Product Marketing Manager with ReadyPulse.