Top Videos from Nike’s Facebook Page

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Facebook users love videos after photos. We wanted to see what are the top videos liked by Facebook fans of various brands that have large following on Facebook and we picked Nike.

How are Videos Scored by ReadyPulse?

ReadyPulse content scoring algorithm is used to score all videos that have been posted on Nike’s Facebook page and identify the best videos. ReadyPulse scores the content in two ways, one is based on the user behavior on the content (like how many Likes, Comments and Shares) and the who acted on that content (like Brand Advocates, engaged fans and somewhat engaged fans). The net result is that we have the best of the best content including comments are bubbled up.

The results are shown below. The list below is dynamic and will change based on the engagement on Nike’s Facebook page and streamed into the blog post (we use WordPress) via ReadyPulse social widget technology.

Written By

Lauren Gould, Product Marketing Manager with ReadyPulse.