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Everyday millions of people take to Twitter to express their feelings, share small wins or big defeats (and visa versa), and comment on current events. At the time these spontaneous thoughts condensed into a simple 140 character Tweet may seem insignificant. But when you have free access to hundreds, thousands, or even millions of Tweets they play a major role in our culture.

Twitter announced their new advanced search function, allowing you to index and surface every Tweet since the beginning of their existence 8 years ago. That is around half a trillion Tweets waiting to be unearthed. Which was no small feat for Twitter, as you can imagine.

But now that these Tweets can be unearthed, what do you do with them?

If I were a betting woman, I would bet that you fall into 1 of 2 groups.

  1. You haven’t thought passed the search. You searched for Tweets from 2008, and there they are. Right in front of you, on your computer screen! But now what?
  2. You searched for certain Tweets out of need, to repurpose them in your marketing leveraging the power of influencer marketing. But you need a place to store this content, a methodology for identifying which content is the most engaging, with a way to obtain permission from the user to display their Tweet in your marketing.

Whether you fall in group 1 or 2, the solution to your problems is simple, you need a system of record.

ReadyPulse’s influencer marketing software is a system of record for social content and social ambassadors. Giving the Tweets you surface a home away from home.

6 Easy Steps to Leverage Tweets in Your Digital Marketing

  1. SearchUse Twitter’s Advanced Search to find specific Tweets by phrases, hashtags, gender, location, languages, and dates. There’s a lot of optionality here, so get specific.
  2. Store – Copy and paste Tweet URL’s into Pulse Marketing Suite’s Content Central using the Import Content feature. The Tweet will live here and is easily found.
  3. Score – ReadyPulse’s patented technology indexes the Tweet and assigns a Pulse Score, a measurement of engagement and influence effectiveness. Use Pulse Score to identify the best Tweets to use in your marketing. You know, the ones that will actually move the needle.
  4. Permissions – Pulse Marketing Suite’s Permissions feature allows you to obtain granted use of Tweets from the user directly through the platform. It is not only ethical, but polite.
  5. Disclosures – Tweets with user granted permission are labeled and displayed with a disclosure badge. So you can avoid a phone call from the FTC.
  6. Showcase – Save authorized Tweets into a ReadyPulse album that can be displayed on your e-commerce, newsletter, or blog! Really anywhere you can put an iFrame code.

Twitter Advanced Search and ReadyPulse, the most effective way to leverage UGC in your marketing to drive engagement, revenue, and buzz.

Written By

Lauren Gould, Product Marketing Manager with ReadyPulse.