How Twitter Verified Accounts Can Help Your Social Content Marketing Strategy

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Authenticity is important in social media and social influencer marketing, especially any time prominent influencers are involved, mainly athletes and celebrities. The large number of impersonators on social media means that it’s often difficult to tell who’s the real deal, and being able to differentiate the real talent from the imitators is crucial. When brands are investing in influencer and ambassador campaigns, they want their ensure it is clear to their audience that their talent is authentic.

But how can anyone be sure that the person they’re talking to is the real Katy Perry or Stephen Curry or Taylor Swift? Twitter has developed a system of verification that allows prominent influencers, such as athletes, entertainers, and journalists, to confirm their identity. A blue verified badge shows that a profile is the real thing. A tweet from a verified influencer account is far more trusted than a tweet from an unverified handle.

Consider the value of Shaquille O’Neal’s tweet about Blackphone, sent out to his 9.31 million Twitter followers:

O’Neal likely introduced many of his followers to Blackphone. His tweet received hundreds of retweets and likes, and his audience far exceeds Blackphone’s 16,300 followers. And even though his own face is in the image, we know this is his real account because it’s verified.

If you were a marketer for Blackphone, how could you take advantage of this social proof beyond the social buzz? If you want to display this tweet on your website with appropriate disclosures, you can use a content curation software to view the content, obtain permissions, and display with permissions disclosure.

ReadyPulse is excited to announce that you can now view Twitter Verified User status in the platform!

When added to ReadyPulse, for instance, O’Neal’s tweet shows his verified status:

The check mark serves as another form of social proof, a demonstration of his popularity on social media. As Twitter’s Verified Account FAQ states, verified accounts aren’t available to anyone who requests one. Influencers must have been judged to have a certain degree of influence before they are verified. By virtue of having a verified account Shaquille O’Neal shows that he is a high-status Twitter user.

Users in ReadyPulse can now ID top content very quickly: if you have content from authorized accounts, that content is from someone with a large following. Looking for the green checkmark also serves as a great technique to identify influencers, and the “Ask Permissions” feature means you can simply click a button to request that the user grant permissions, or add your own permissions.

How can verified accounts, and ReadyPulse’s new feature, help your content marketing strategy?

  • Find influencers with verified accounts. If you focus on verified users in your influencer identification efforts, you know they aren’t just anyone!
  • Quickly recognize top content when you see it. Content from verified accounts is likely to reach a larger audience, since verification is evidence of high status on Twitter.
  • Ask permissions directly of the influencer. With the “Ask Permissions” feature, you can get permission to use the content. If you already have received permission, you can click “Add Permissions.”
  • Feel greater security in the content you display from your most valuable influencers. This saves you time, because you know the account is verified before you request permissions or include in your Albums.

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Lauren Gould, Product Marketing Manager with ReadyPulse.