Using a Shoppable Instagram Page to Drive Conversions

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For businesses of all sizes, the most significant marketing opportunity of today is harnessing the power of user-generated content or UGC. Among the many social platforms clamoring to be relevant in the era of UGC, Instagram is perhaps the most important and well-positioned player.

With its emphasis on high-quality aesthetics, its behemoth reach of 400 million users, and its reputation for being the social web’s most engaged platform, Instagram has set itself up to become a veritable promised land for e-commerce. Those businesses interested in increasing conversions through UGC marketing can do so by implementing a “shoppable Instagram.”

Distinct from retailing spaces such as Etsy, which are overtly commercial, a “shoppable Instagram” will bring to the market, like never before, the uniquely authentic selling power of UGC and influencer marketing.

What is it?

A shoppable Instagram allows you to easily direct Instagram users to a place where they can purchase the items seen in photos. Rather than showcasing products and then leaving users to scour the web to find the product themselves, a shoppable Instagram makes buying products quick and seamless.

Creating shoppable Instagram pages is an emerging science, and for the best possible results, you’ll need to acquire the services of a specialty platform, such as ReadyPulse’s LikeItWantIt. A shoppable Instagram account capitalizes on all available “linkage space” allowed on the Instagram platform.

In other words, although we can’t redesign Instagram’s platform to maximize the platform’s marketing potential, we can find innovative ways to expand on Instagram’s basic framework. Through a properly optimized shoppable Instagram page, brands have the ability to better reach consumers and convert them to customers.

Bringing Consumers a Message They Trust

Shoppable Instagram pages increase conversions by delivering a message the consumer finds more trustworthy than conventional brand marketing. Nielson published a study in 2012 indicating that 92 percent of consumers were more likely to trust word-of-mouth recommendations from family and friends over traditional brand marketing.


The same study showed that, next to family and friends, consumers found strangers—people not formally affiliated with the advertised brands— to be the next most trustworthy brand messengers. A shoppable Instagram allows marketers to identify the “strangers” who use and love their products and help them become a brand ambassador for the company.

A shoppable Instagram page also offers brands the opportunity to take advantage of other, more far-reaching benefits as well.

Measurable ROI

Converting leads and generating revenue with Instagram is an easily trackable process. You’ll be able to identify which social influencers are generating the best ROI. You’ll then begin to gain an understanding of the types of modalities, photo layouts, tags, etc. that are most effective in your unique marketing space.

Building Your Brand Message

Making money in the short-term is great, but in addition to turning over quick and reliable ROIs, a shoppable Instagram is also an incredible asset for a longer term brand management strategy.

Instagram is a gateway into the hearts, minds, and, dare we suggest, wallets of Millennials. Using a shoppable Instagram to promote and sell your product produces an incredible synergy of profits and brand-building.

More Conversions Than with Other Platforms

There’s no denying e-commerce platforms such as eBay and Etsy have changed the way we think about shopping. But the next wave of successful e-commerce will belong to the savvy businesses that use all available methods at their disposal to capitalize on the previously mentioned information from Nielson.

In Conclusion

Transitioning to the shoppable Instagram model isn’t difficult with the right help and the right tools.

When it comes to launching your shoppable Instagram campaign, ReadyPulse will help you develop effective engagement methods for successful brand ambassador programs. You can expect your shoppable Instagram page to boost conversion rates and carry your brand identity and marketing savvy into the next evolution of e-commerce.