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It is no secret that the primary goal of all offline events is to drive attendance. After all, even for a not-for-profit association, these events play a big role in next year’s budget. Nonetheless, a close second objective should be to drive online engagement.

Going into a seminar or marketing conference, you are sure to see eager attendees tweeting away, snapping photos, or even live-chatting with other guests. It all falls under the multi-screen generation. Multitasking is no longer impressive, but the new rule for offline events. Therefore, it is the job of every host to give them the tools they need to share and express everything they see and feel.

The Word of Mouth Marketing Association recently hosted WOMMA Summit at the Wynn in Las Vegas. Despite a Lady Gaga presentation, Rick Harrison from Pawn Stars, or even a very heated debate, the conversations were buzzing throughout the Twittersphere on all the other happenings going on. Thanks to our friends at Social@Ogilvy, we were able to capture all that went on.

As you can see, #WOMMASummit2012 generated a Twitter reach of over 59 million impressions, which consisted of more than 7,000 individual tweets. Considering this was only a three-day event, the extension of the conversation went far beyond our expectations.

However, of those 59 million impressions, some tweets resonated more than others.

Looking at the top five retweets, it is obvious that the Ronald McDonald shoe garnered the most impressions, as it never hurts to have over 798,000 Twitter followers. However, interestingly enough, even though it was an image, that tweet did not accumulate the most retweets.

Gemma Craven, new WOMMA Board Member, and EVP, Head of Social@Ogilvy New York with a following of 2,684, generated 34 retweets by sharing “Social media needs to be a part of how companies do business today – yes, this is about change management @jbell99 #WOMMASummit.”

Gemma was live tweeting during a session led by John Bell, Global Managing Director at Social@Ogilvy, and his reach may have helped engagement. However, many of her close connections and links were those who shared and passed this on. This is where your brand needs to get involved. If that tweet is generating the most retweets, join the conversation and get more people talking. Share your own thoughts on John Bell’s session. Retweet the tweet and then ask people to do the same. Whatever you do, do not let this high engagement opportunity go to waste.

The true power of relationship-building with your followers cannot be ignored. Far too often, brands and agencies alike want to concentrate on the raw numbers, such as followers, but when you take the step further, to really connect with your audience, long-term engagement begins to hold and your online community can grow and grow.

This is a guest post by Jacob Hurwith, Marketing and Social Media coordinator, WOMMA

After graduating from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Jacob began his career as a freelance journalist for various Sun-Times in Chicago. He then rejoined the real estate arena working for a prominent commercial brokerage firm. Jacob handled all public relations, email marketing, social media and design initiatives for the organization. Since joining WOMMA, he has had the privilege to fine tune his writing skills as the blog editor for the All Things WOMM blog. When he is not working, Jacob loves to run along the lake, write, cook, attend Chicago White Sox games and spend time with his college buddies.

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Lauren Gould, Product Marketing Manager with ReadyPulse.