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As a company that specializes in influencer marketing strategies, ReadyPulse jumped on the opportunity to co-host a #WOMMAchat on Twitter. The topic of discussion, visual storytelling; who, what, why, when, where? With the increase of social media usage, utilizing social user generated content has become a popular strategy for many marketers. However, how to properly implement this new strategy of storytelling can be somewhat of an uphill battle. So, we went to the source of all things storytelling, Twitter, to see how others in the industry perceive visual storytelling.

The Questions of discussion during our #WOMMAchat were:

Q1. What is visual storytelling?

Q2. Where is visual storytelling most effective?

Q3. When to use brand storytelling vs. user generated content?

Q4. What role should visual user generated content play in overall content marketing strategies of a brand?

Q5. How can we find the best visual user generated content?

Q6. Where can you publish user generated content?

Q7. How to generate visual content? (aka drive word of mouth marketing)

We were not the only ones eagerly waiting to discuss these questions, many participants got creative and used visual storytelling to discuss visual storytelling, now that is enthusiasm! A video clip from the movie Anchorman of the anchors jumping for joy, Shakira lyrics, an Ellie Goulding fan Vine video, and a Toy Story meme were all shared. Michael Hahn (@mbhahn) Tweeted some funny, but slightly serious advice for storytelling, “Use meme makers to create visual content, and kittens and bacon, it sells.” Storytelling allows consumers to see the less serious side of companies, and they form a stronger bond with them through relatable interests, other than business.

Ian Arsenault (@ianwarsenault) couldn’t have said it better, “Use user generated content when you feel that the voices of your brand advocates can tell your story better for you. After all, no one is going to believe how great you are if you have to tell them yourself.”

Read the full storytelling #WOMMAchat below.

[View the story “#WOMMAChat Recap: Visual Storytelling” on Storify]

Written By

Lauren Gould, Product Marketing Manager with ReadyPulse.