Your Teen Consumer: What To Consider in Social and Payments

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Teens are trendsetters, socially and in fashion. They are adaptable and tend to pick up on emerging ideas quickly, but they can also spot a “fake” brand a mile away. If you target the teen market, having early adopters buy and promote your product will provide you the best “word of mouth” marketing. And if teens are your target today, their social and purchase behaviors will like stay similar when they are you target tomorrow. But marketing and selling to minors comes with challenges: how to build awareness, how to have them pay, how to enable them to share, all within a secure and responsible environment.

To help your brand think through marketing and selling to the teen market, ReadyPulse has teamed up with Oink and BTO Sports to bring you a webinar discussion “How to Target Your Teen Consumer: Responsible Digital Marketing Tips.” Guest speakers, Mike Giordano, Marketing Director at BTO Sports, and Brenton Reger, Director of Retail Channel Partners at Oink, will talk with ReadyPulse CEO Dennis O’Malley about marketing and selling to teens. Topics covered in this discussion will include:

  • Legal 101 on marketing and selling to teens
  • Steps to driving e-commerce with teens, from awareness through payment
  • Influences on teen shopping habits, leveraging the new social networks
  • Brand success stories

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Written By

Lauren Gould, Product Marketing Manager with ReadyPulse.